WooCommerce Visual Product Configurator Plugins

Top 6 WooCommerce Visual Product Configurator Plugins

Personalized or customized orders are becoming increasingly popular in today’s marketplace. Customers are looking for firms that allow them to personalize their demands, especially for giving purposes. That’s possible, thanks to WooCommerce Visual Product Configurator Plugins!

Reign themeCustomers can design and examine their designs using these plugins, while business owners know exactly what the customer is looking for. As a result, customers are less likely to be disappointed, and their overall shopping experience is enhanced. Customizing your website sets you apart from your competition and helps establish brand recognition, ultimately leading to more sales.

What’s the point of using a product configurator?

It’s easy to make a sale

Selling a product with a plethora of options repels any prospective buyer. With the help of a product configurator, everyone may participate in designing their product. Your prospective buyer may now see precisely what he’ll get if he makes the selections he wants to. No more wasted time, uncertainty, forgetting facts or lying.

Boost your income

For customized products, you can raise your prices. Alternatively, you may charge a higher price for specific selections than others. Ultimately, it’s up to you. If a product is personalized, customers will be willing to pay a premium for that personalization.

Bring in more customers

The future of client loyalty is in the ability to customize products. Products that represent a person’s personality are always sought after. As a result, custom-made products have been a popular trend for many years, regardless of the business they’re in.

Best Product Customizer Plugins for WooCommerce:

1. Product Configurator for WooCommerce

Product configurator

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WooCommerce’s Product Configurator plugin lets your customers create their products using several levels for precise modification. In addition to providing your clients with immediate pictures, it saves you time by removing the need to create product variations. It’s a lightweight plugin with only a few features.

Key Points

  • Exporting layers from Photoshop or a 3D model allows users to customize their goods.
  • “configure” button and in-line configurator short codes are provided.
  • A theme customizer and a developer-friendly plugin are included.
  • Customers can save their designs, support variable items, use conditional logic, and charge additional fees for selected customizations that are available as premium add-ons.

2. WooCommerce Product Configurator

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Create product variant photos with this plugin, and you’ll save time and effort. This plugin allows you to create the final product image using PNG layers, and it also allows you to control the stock for each variation. Use a PNG image of each product and add layers for more customization.

Key Points

  • This allows customers to follow the progress of their orders in real-time.
  • Adaptable to any screen size.
  • WooCommerce-integrated and doesn’t slow down or damage your store’s performance.
  • Additionally, it’s compatible with any WordPress or WooCommerce theme you choose.

3. Havi Propel WooCommerce Product Customizer

Product configuration

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The product configurator for WooCommerce gives a simple yet powerful product creation tool that is easy to use and will win client approval. There are no complicated steps involved; all you have to do is register, get a designer storefront, offer buyers various design options, and then integrate the product designer into your eCommerce business.

Key Points

  • Product administrators can list items and offer an unlimited number of customizations.
  • Each product customization piece should have its dynamic pricing.
  • Multiple perspectives and intuitive controls make the product configurator a breeze to use.
  • Adaptable to any screen size.

4. WP Configurator

 THE MOST INTUITIVE WAY TO... Customize products with WordPress

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When you use WP Configurator, customers will be more satisfied, and sales will rise. Installing and configuring it is a breeze, and step-by-step instructions are available to assist you. A WordPress theme can also be used in conjunction with the plugin.

It is possible to digitize your products after the installation by taking photos and creating layers. Next, you’ll be able to upload these layers to the admin panel and display the configurator on the page using short codes.

Key Points

  • Customers can customize the product’s color, components, and texture.
  • A Quote form can be added to the product configurator.
  • Your items can have various customization options, including numerous layers.
  • Customers can see various views of their customizations before making a final decision.
  • Choose from six pre-made skins to be displayed on the interface.

5. Visual Product Configurator

A woocommerce product customizer

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Using Visual Product Configurator for WooCommerce, you may make a wide range of complicated adjustments. It also features an easy-to-use and straightforward user interface. As an additional option, you may allow consumers to request a price for their customizations before purchasing.

Key Points

  • Text and photos can be added and edited by customers.
  • It can be used with a wide range of products.
  • Provide numerous views of a finished product image to ensure buyers are happy.
  • Each customization should have its price.
  • Consumers may enter additional information about product adjustments in bespoke forms with text fields and radio buttons.

6. WooCommerce Product Configurator by KonfiGear

Configurator by Konfi Gear

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Customers may get a 3D and real-time preview of their customized products when they utilize Productimize’s WooCommerce configurator plugin. It’s straightforward to set up and integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce. In addition to cutting down on customer service, a product configurator can help increase sales and revenue.

Key Points

  • Real-time feedback and visualization.
  • Customers can see the product in 3D form.
  • Furthermore, customers can also see their customized products in virtual and augmented reality.
  • Prepare reports and schedule production. • Provide quotations and create reports.


WooCommerce Visual Product Configurator Plugins can boost client happiness and loyalty because product customization is a fashionable trend. Customers can design their products with the help of the plugins mentioned above, all of which offer advanced functionality and robust interfaces. This saves time and effort and increases revenue because you can charge extra for customizing your products.

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