Sell Your Products Online

E-commerce has opened the doors to online entrepreneurs,and allowed many people to Create online store. Nevertheless, with such a saturated market, it’ s simple for your sales to stagnate or even go down.

Thankfully, if your store is designed with WordPress and WooCommerce, a lot of tools exist to aid sell products online and fetch more revenue. The proper strategies will help you kick your e-commerce site into top gear and perhaps even expand it.

This post takes a look at the present e-commerce landscape and the hardships faced by WooCommerce retailers. This is followed by tips for you to easily apply and sell products online. Let’s dive right in!

Sell Your Products Online:

  1. Boost Sales On Your WooCommerce Site
  2. Present Discounts And Coupons To Impress Thrifty Shoppers
  3. Better Your Site’s Performance To Reduce Your Bounce Rate
  4. 4 Include Strategic Pop-Ups To Stop Lost Sales
  5. Dispatch Abandoned Cart Reminders To Bring Leads Back To Your Site
  6. Set Up A Rewards Program To Motivate Repeat Customers


#1. Boost Sales On Your WooCommerce Site

Sell Your Products Online

When your sales figures have stagnated or dipped, it can be difficult to turn things around. Fortunately, the following methods are simple to implement, and can motivate customers to increase purchases on your WooCommerce site. These techniques are a perfect way to carry your e-commerce store to the next level.

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#2. Present Discounts And Coupons To Impress Thrifty Shoppers


While it may appear unproductive to sell your products at a reduced cost when you’re already struggling to pitch sales, coupon marketing can be extremely effective. Discounts have many psychological impacts on customers, which could aid to enhance your revenue.

Most importantly, discounts can render your prices more appealing than competitors, Besides, most shoppers like to feel they’re receiving a deal. Restricted offer coupons can evoke their Fear Of Missing Out (FOMOO), for helping you to garner more sales.

Happily, WooCommerce allows you to design coupons easily. To insert one, go to WooCommerce > Coupons and select the Create your first coupon button.

  • Adopt Upselling And Cross-Selling To Bag Greater Purchase Total: Upselling and cross-selling are two extremely common marketing techniques. They’re employed to persuade customers to purchase more costly items (upselling), or greater quantities of products at single time (cross-selling). Among the easiest ways e-commerce stores apply these practices is by a Related Products or Frequently bought together segment.
  • Adding cross-sells in WooCommerce
  • Adding related products in WooCommerce: There you’ll notice a field for upsells and one for cross-sells. Just key in the name of another product on your site to insert it into either section.
  • How To Customize Cross-selling In WooCommerce: Items categorized as upsells will display at the bottom of the product’s page, prompting customers to try out more costly items and options.
  • How Cross-sells Display In WooCommerce: Cross-sells, on the contrary, will be shown during the checkout process. This inspires customers to perform last-minute additions to their carts.

#3. Better Your Site’s Performance To Reduce Your Bounce Rate

Your site’s speed could be leading to your reduced sales rate. Loading times are a prime factor in whether or not visitors linger to make purchases, or exit your store with no clicks on anything (also termed as ‘bouncing’).

You can see your site’s bounce rate in Google Analytics by going to Behavior > Overview

If the rate is specifically high, you may wish to regard testing your site’s performance employing platforms like Pingdom Tools and Google PageSpeed Insights.

Users who don’t wish to linger on for your product pages to load are less probable to feel disappointed while navigating your site, and so more probable to invest money on your products or services.

Obviously, it can be time taking to apply many different fixes one at a time. Thankfully, a plugin like WP Rocket can make things much easier. Not only will it attend to page caching, but it also implements nearly 80% of the finest practices for web performance – rendering it a complete tool for maintaining your site running quickly.

#4. 4 Include Strategic Pop-Ups To Stop Lost Sales

Another way to deter bouncing is to insert an exit-intent pop-up to your site. This is a Call to Action (CTA) that displays when a user shifts their mouse over the back button or the URL bar, indicating their intention to abandon the site.

OptinMonster exit-intent pop-up: Likely customers who are making their way out might consider twice about leaving if you employ a pop-up to catch their attention. You can then focus your product’s worth in an endeavor to land a sale, or utilize this opportunity to inform any specific deals you’re presently running.

Thereby, the goal is to induce shoppers to remain on your site. Among the most common plugins for including exit-intent pop-ups to WordPress is Popups by OptinMonster.

#5. Dispatch Abandoned Cart Reminders To Bring Leads Back To Your Site

Numerous customers utilize their online shopping carts like wish lists. They may include items that they plan to purchase eventually, but aren’t prepared to buy straight away.

The problem with this is that shoppers frequently forget they’ve included products to their carts on your site. Each item left by a customer who never came back to conclude their purchase is a missed sale for you.

For this reason, abandoned cart reminders have become a common form of email marketing. Platforms like MailChimp offer templates to aid you design messages, which can motivate customers to return back for items they showed an interest in but didn’t purchase.

  • Mailchimp Homepage: You can automate these reminders quite simply, by joining your WooCommerce shop to MailChimp via MailChimp for WordPress Premium. In your WordPress dashboard, go to the plugin’s e-commerce settings, and click Yes next to Enable cart tracking? Then, you can build your abandoned cart email in MailChimp. You’ll get to describe how long the plugin should wait before dispatching notifications to your customers, and design your message employing the drag-and-drop builder.
  • Mailchimp Email Builder: Select the Start Sending button when you’re done to switch on automated abandoned cart emails. With time, this can fetch a small but considerable portion of consumers back to your e-commerce store.

#6. Set Up A Rewards Program To Motivate Repeat Customers


Customer rewards programs work much like coupons and discounts. However, they’re even more successful at instilling loyalty in shoppers, and motivating them to return to your site to make extra purchases.

How you encourage repeat customers depends on you. A few effective programs – like Starbucks Rewards – employ point systems, and then allow shoppers to ‘purchase’ free products or discounts.

There are numerous membership and subscription plugins you can employ to build a rewards program for your WooCommerce site. However, the most direct solution comprises the official WooCommerce Points and Rewards extension.

Although it’s a considerable investment at $129 per year, it combines smoothly with WooCommerce.You can employ it to describe how many points each of your products is valued, establish a maximum discount amount, handle point balances, besides more.

Whether you’ve attempted blogging and websites previously or your still wish to operate a brick and mortar business, it’s vital for you to perform your eCommerce homework and know how millions of your shop owners and peers are selling their products online.

The most popular software by far used presently comprise Shopify, Prestashop, Magento, Zen Cart, BigCommerce and WordPress.

Have you wondered if there were a plugin that could turn your humble but pretty old WordPress blog to Create online store. There is: WooCommerce! It has more than 28,000.000 downloads. Like they mention on their homepage, it’s the finest solution for Store Owners and Developers.

  • Ease Of Use: You can install WooCommerce in 2 clicks after which the Setup Wizard direct you through almost 10 further clicks to completion.
  • Theme Compatibility: WooCommerce is constituted for WordPress themes. You can explore whether your theme is compatible, like multiple free WordPress themes for WooCommerce are.
  • Complete Suite Of Pages: After you install WooCommerce onto a WordPress blog you instantly obtain Cart, Shop, Account and Checkout pages, which does not need to be custom coded by web designers.
  • Customers Remain Happy: When  you deliver your users distinctly labeled products and a shopping experience even simpler than Amazon (you can checkout on WooCommerce without signing in, which technically makes it an even faster checkout than on Amazon!) then you have fully satisfied customers who love your products, also. WooCommerce is used by some extremely popular companies, like Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, Duracell, and Men’s Health. It even has a complete segment of online stores that sell coffee.


Taking the leap to Create online store is a heavy investment. The last thing you desire is to watch all your efforts go in vain, when your sales rates level off over time. The article explores a few of the ways you can employ WooCommerce and different WordPress plugins to enhance your sales.

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