Top Elements of High-Converting Product Pages

Top Elements of High-Converting Product Pages

If you are the owner of an E-Commerce store, you must be aware of the importance of creating good product pages for your website. The product pages are mainly responsible for attracting the users towards your website. A good product page will definitely trigger the sale. The viewers mainly navigate to the product pages and based on the content that is displayed on the product page they decide whether they should go for that product. A poorly created product page will never interest your customers.

So, here we are with a few strategies that will help you to improve the product pages of your E-Commerce website:

#1 Excellent headlines:


Your headlines must blend with the products that you sell on your website. It should consist of motivational words and should be able to encourage your customers to buy products from your website. The name of the product must be included in the heading. You may also include other vital information about products like colour, branding and many more. Sometimes, it is important to include the model number as well. If your headings are proper, then more customers will visit your website. You may also include an important product feature in the headline itself.


#2 Add to cart buttons:

Add to cart buttons should be placed at convenient locations for your website so that your users do not face any difficulty in locating the buttons. The call to action button should have bright colours and big fonts. It should also be large enough to catch the attention of your user. It is always advisable that you place the add to cart button on the top of your website so that your users do not have to scroll through the pages of your website to find the button.

#3 High-quality photo:

high quality

Each and every product must come with a high-quality product photograph. Poorly lit and blurry photographs are a major turn off. So, your product photographs must be clear and properly visible. You can try to hire a professional photographer who will take clear pictures of all the products. Also, try to include more than one photograph for each of the products. All the photographs should be taken from different angles.

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#4 Product specification:

Every product must have a detailed specification. This must include all the important details of the product. Most customers make it a point to go through the product specification before purchasing the product. Make sure that the product specification is elaborate and include all the necessary details. You may also use WooCommerce extensions to display additional details in the product specification. You may also include setup videos and manuals in the product specification section.

#5 Customer review:

You must also include customer reviews on your website. This will allow your customer to see what other customers think of a particular product. However, make it a point to include both good as well as bad reviews. Otherwise, your customers may think that all your reviews are fake. You must include those reviews that come with original images. This will help to increase the gravity of the products. You may also include star ratings on the review section.

#6 Videos:

Top Elements of High-Converting Product Pages

You may also try to include videos on your product page. This will give your customers visual context and will also help to create leads and increase the traffic on your website. WooCommerce extensions are also available for adding videos to the product page of your website. These videos will allow your products to come to life and will also increase the gravity of your products.

#7 Optimise the texts:

The texts should be easily readable. It should be clear and understandable. It is always better to use black text on a light background. This will definitely catch the attention of the users. 

#8 Answer customer’s questions:

You must make it a point to answer the queries of your customers. This will make sure that you care for them and they will keep coming back to your website for more products. You must also include a FAQ page on your website. The FAQ section should be created for each of the products as well. This will address the queries of your customers. The format of the FAQ section should be proper. The questions must be placed in accordion style. The responses should also be displayed in an organised way.

#9 Write proper product description:

The product description should be written in a proper way. It should focus on the benefits of the product. You should also be very specific while writing the product description. Do not include unnecessary points and frustrate your customers. You may also write the product description in such a way that it automatically clears the doubt of all your customers.

#10 Include the countdown timer:

You can also include a countdown timer to your website. This will help to create an urgency in the minds of the viewers. The countdown timer can be used to inform the customers about new product releases, offers, contests and many more. You may also add the countdown timer to display how many products have been sold on a particular day.

Wrapping Up

In this way, you will be able to create effective product pages for your online portal. A well-structured product page will help you to acquire the trust of your customers and will also increase the sale on your website.

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