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Table of content

  1. Introduction
  2. WordPress, the best CMS to build a community website
  3. PeepSo: the next generation Social networking Plugin for WordPress
  4. Add an eye-catchy style to your PeepSo community site
  5. Ready to build your community website?


There are many social networks available where people meet up with like-minded individuals that share a common passion. If you are also finding ways to provide a platform where such like-minded people can meet and share their common interests, Reign PeepSo WordPress is the best available solution for you.

PeepSo, as well as BuddyPress, are the effective social community plugins for WordPress users who want to create their own community website.

WordPress, the best CMS to build a community website

Since you are going to create a community website where many people will share a common platform to show their interest, activities, or other important stuff. So, you should choose a content management system using which you can manage everything with ease.

And, WordPress is the most popular and best option available nowadays to create a social community site.

It allows you to integrate your site with various useful third-party tools that help you in adding cool functionalities to your site without needing to know how to code.

Talking about social community websites, WordPress offers the best platform where you can build your dream community website using various third-party tools like BuddyPress and PeepSo.

“Reign PeepSo WordPress theme” is an effective and excellent choice for integrating with PeepSo and BuddyPress.

PeepSo: the next generation Social networking Plugin for WordPress

PeepSo is a free social network plugin for WordPress using which you can add a social network or an online community, similar to Facebook right inside your WordPress site quickly and effortlessly.

For BuddyPress, Community Site owners, who want to switch or try something new, can choose PeepSo. It’s lightweight and stellar design makes it apart from other social networking solutions for WordPress websites.

Here are some crazy features that you get by integrating PeepSo with your WordPress site-

  1. Users can set their own avatars and cover images
  2. Profiles come with custom fields.
  3. Users can set their notification preferences.
  4. Fully responsive design
  5. A community can create groups for focused discussions

Add a style to your PeepSo community site

Just by creating a community site, you can’t engage your community members. Rather, it requires something more than that. If you want them to show their interests in your community, you have to make it attractive and eye-catchy.

Reign PeepSo Theme, introduced by Wbcom Designs, has been made to provide a unique and charming look to the community sites built on WordPress.

How is Reign PeepSo Theme different?

What makes Reign PeepSo’s theme apart is its unique design and cool functionality. Being a perfect solution for WordPress social community website, it meets with unlimited possibilities like-

  1. Reign has inbuilt support for PeepSo and its premium add-ons which makes it easy for you to create your online community or social network website like Facebook.
  2. Besides, you can create a directory within your community site with Reign addons for WP job manager and GeoDirectory.
  3. Moreover, if you want to convert your community into a social marketplace where you can easily showcase or sell your products to your members, you can do so with Reign PeepSo theme as it supports Easy Digital Downloads and WooCommerce. It also provides you with an addon for Dokan Marketplace which is PeepSo Dokan Multivendor.
  4. It also allows you to build a community site for WordPress social learning with Reign addons for WP LMS Plugins LearnDash and LifterLMS.

Key Features of Reign PeepSo WordPress theme

Let’s take a look at the amazing theme features offered by the best WordPress social network theme

Customize Member & Group Header with Multiple Layouts


Reign has provided the feature through which your community members can select members or group header layouts according to their choice.

Add Style With Unlimited PeepSo Customization Options


Reign has dedicated support for PeepSo and comes with various built-in options to control the appearance of your community website. In addition, it is easy for you to control the number of groups and members to show per page.

Multiple Header Variations


The header captures the attention first. So, you have to make it look beautiful. Choose from the multiple variations for the header of your community website. Change the layouts with just one click.

Give a New Look With Ultimate Unlimited Color Options


Reign PeepSo theme has provided you with a feature to change the theme colours as per your wish. Try different colours and choose the one which you like most.

Easy Installation Support


Wbcom Designs has made it easy for PeepSo community owners to install the Reign PeepSo theme with just one click. No difficulty or complexity! Just an easy to manage social community solution.

Add more functionality with PeepSo Premium Add Ons

Reign Completely Supports PeepSo Premium add-ons which makes it easy for you to make your social community website more functional.

Supported Plugins by Reign PeepSo Theme

Reign is a highly flexible theme that provides inbuilt support for all the community or social network requirements. It supports multiple add-ons like PeepSo Premium Add-ons, WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, WordPress Forms, Elementor Page Builder, bbPress Forum, wpForo, Reign LearnDash add-on, Reign LifterLMS addon, Reign WP Job Manager add-on, Reign GeoDirectory add-on, Reign Dokan add-on that help to create social learning site, social marketplace and much more.

WordPress 5.x Compatible and Gutenberg Ready


To offer you and your community members a user-friendly experience, this theme has been crafted keeping in mind that it fully supports the latest WordPress version. Not just this! Try this amazing Gutenberg WordPress Community theme and create your web pages with ease.

RTL Supported


Want to create a community website with Arabic, Persian or Hebrew languages? Go for it! This theme is RTL ready social network theme that allows switching stylesheet to RTL within minutes.

Responsive WordPress Community Theme


If a website does not look great on mobile, no one would like to visit it again. And, Google also ranks only mobile-responsive websites on the top. Considering this fact, the Reign PeepSo theme offers an optimized mobile menu panel that fits well on all screen sizes and your community website will look perfect on all devices.

Ready to build your community website?

In short, it is possible for you to make your own social media platform like Facebook or LinkedIn without any coding. We have introduced this theme with multiple add ons which makes your site featured with cool functionality.
Need support with expert web developers? Reach us at Wbcom Designs. Our expert professionals are always ready to serve you with the top quality services.

Build a community website that your community loves from the bottom of the heart using the Reign PeepSo WordPress theme.

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