WooCommerce Alternatives

We have all heard of WooCommerce, haven’t we? It is a highly flexible and versatile plugin that is specially crafted for creating an E-Commerce website. The plugin is highly advanced and provides you with a lot of features and functions using which you will be able to develop a highly functional E-Commerce platform. The plugin also works well with other WordPress themes. However, WooCommerce is not the only E-Commerce plugin that we have in hand. Various other plugins are also available which can serve as an alternative to the WooCommerce plugin.

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Here we have listed some of the top WooCommerce Alternatives of 2022:

#1 Shopify


Shopify is one such WooCommerce alternative that lets you build a fully functional E-Commerce website without having to write a single line of code. The plugin allows you to manage everything about your E-Commerce stores like generating invoices, payment processing, managing catalogue and many more. 

Shopify provides you with over 70 different payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe and credit card. It also adds security to your WordPress website by providing you with the automatic fraud analysis feature. Shopify is very easy to use. It takes care of all the backend technicalities. You can add an unlimited number of products along with their respective product descriptions on your website.

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#2 Easy Digital Downloads 


Easy Digital Downloads is a free WordPress plugin. The plugin is meant for the sale of digital products on your website. This may include software, images, ebooks and many more. Easy Digital Downloads also comes with a number of useful features. It works well with all popular payment gateways like Amazon and PayPal. 

The digital product page can be created just like a physical product page. Discount codes can easily be designed. The plugin also has a built-in reporting system. Easy Digital Downloads is extremely easy to use and it also integrates seamlessly with your WordPress website. 

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#3 Cart66

cart 66

 Cart66 allows you to keep your E-commerce website absolutely secure. It also has a number of amazing features. The plugin provides two different subscriptions. The first subscription has standard features while the second one has advanced features. The plugin supports over a hundred payment gateways. You are permitted to sell any kinds of products on your store. 

An advanced shipping and tax calculator is included. The plugin also integrates seamlessly with MailChimp. All the transactions can be carried out in a highly secured way. A dedicated support team will be there to guide you whenever you need any help.

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#4 eCommerce Product Catalog Plugin by ImpleCode

ecommerce product catalog

eCommerce Product Catalog Plugin is an excellent E-Commerce plugin for managing physical product catalogue. It comes with the drag and drop catalogue builder feature using which you will be able to design your website easily. The premium version provides you with a number of advanced features. The one-click installation tool is also provided. It works well with any popular WordPress theme.

Some of the most useful features of the plugin include shopping cart, product review feature, quote form, etc. You will be able to customize the design as per your choice. A number of pre-made templates will also be provided. The plugin works with over 150 currencies. The catalogue can be used to display over 1,00,000 products.

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#5 WP Easy Cart

WooCommerce Alternatives

WP Easy Cart is a free E-Commerce solution. The plugin is easy to install and adds a shopping cart to your E-commerce website. You will be able to sell both physical and digital products. The setting option is also easy to configure. The plugin is compatible with a number of useful themes. You will also be provided with a number of widget options. 

A lot of reliable payment gateways are integrated. It also comes with Google Analytics integration and social sharing options. WP Easy Cart is especially beneficial for small scale businesses. It also syncs automatically with Quickbooks. You can also automate your marketing campaigns using WP Easy Cart.

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#6 WP eCommerce

WooCommerce Alternatives

WP eCommerce is a highly robust WooCommerce alternative. It has a number of features to offer to its users. Although it is simple, yet it has a lot of tools and settings options. The plugin is specially designed for the developers. It offers a number of API extensions for your online store. The model of this plugin is almost the same as that of WooCommerce.

You will be provided with a number of addons and extensions which can be purchased separately. The plugin integrates with various reliable payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe. You will be able to manage the shipping rates and taxes easily. A coupon management option is also provided.

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#7 Bigcommerce 

WooCommerce Alternatives

Bigcommerce is another E-Commerce solution. It allows you to link your E-Commerce account with your WordPress website and display all your products. You will also be provided with other useful features like catalogue management, logistics fulfilment and payment processing. All the things can be done from the backend of your plugin. 

Bigcommerce is an excellent option for standalone E-commerce websites. You need not require any coding knowledge in order to work with the plugin. Template files are included in the package. You will also get full catalogue access and you can choose a theme of your choice. 

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#8 NinjaShop

WooCommerce Alternatives

NinjaShopis one of the best plugins to open an E-Commerce store on WordPress. It has a highly creative interface designed for the needs of the developers. NinjaShop is completely beginner-friendly and anyone with no knowledge of coding will be able to use it. However, in order to customize the different features, you need to have a basic knowledge of CSS.

NinjaShop does not occupy a lot of space on your device. The products can be zoomed individually. You can easily enable or disable this feature. You will be able to sell anything on your WordPress website. You can also choose your own payment methods.

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#9 Wix


If you are a beginner and have never created any website before, Wix is the best option for you. It’s easy to edit because of its drag and drop editor. It has many features including order tracking, accepting payments from credit cards via Paypal, different shipping rules for different locations, creating coupon code, and more.

Wix is more affordable in comparison to handling a WordPress site with WooCommerce plugin. But Wix is a simple site that is only for non so complicated e-commerce business so if your business is simple then Wix is the best option for you.

It include hosting with every plan, have customer support 24*7.

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So, these were some of the best WooCommerce alternatives available to us. Pick the best plugin for your WooCommerce website and get a massive response.

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