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The most excellent way to show off your store’s wide variety of products is to put them on display in the most attractive way possible. In addition to the standard WooCommerce display and selection choices, you may customize them using WooCommerce product variation plugins.

WooCommerce Product Variation Plugins: These are some of the best out there:

WooCommerce Better Variations

Product variation plugin

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There are several simple and distinctive choices for your variable items that you can use with Better Variations. Customers can choose between two different “Display modes” to modify how the variable selections are presented. To ensure that out-of-stock versions are disabled and greyed out, use the “Standard” mode. They’re still there and can be seen, but they’re not available for selection. This functionality applies to products with single or multiple qualities. Out-of-stock variants can also have additional text added to them.

Additionally, customers can choose from various color selections for both in-stock and unavailable options. You can even rank variations so that the goods currently in stock appear above those presently unavailable. With the Better Variations plugin, these are all straightforward ideas that may be readily implemented.

“Grid” is the second method of display. A single table or grid view can display your product variations so that customers don’t have to pick each variation to enter quantities for numerous products individually. For each variation, you may also display stock and price information.

variations grid

The Grid mode is excellent for B2B and wholesale sites where clients must swiftly add several variations to their shopping carts. It simplifies the process of ordering a wide range of products. As a WooCommerce store that uses a lot of product variations, Better Variations is a must-have plugin.

WooCommerce Product Variations Swatches

product variation swatched for woocommerce

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WooCommerce product variation swatches will allow you to show and select attributes for variation products. You can customize all global attributes very easily. You can change your variations in front end from dropdown to button, color, variation image, and radio. You can show your variation in two styles, horizontal or vertical.

Swatches profiles allow you to design your variation in many styles. You can customize the hover, color, background, hover, box-shadow effect, and reduce size. You can even style the selected variation status, and many more options

It has a friendly interface so the WooCommerce product variation plugin is easy to use for new website builders or those who don’t know the coding.

Lets see the setup of this plugin:

Go to your WordPress dashboard and then go to the plugin section and click the add new button to add a new plugin. Now type Product Variations Swatches in the search box to find the plugin. 

You get the plugin, click the install button to install it on your website. 

Next step is to activate the plugin, either you can do it by clicking on the activate button at the place of install button or you can just in the installed plugin section and find the plugin there and then activate it. 

Select the product you want and add variations and then click edit. Now go in the attribute section to add attributes. Now add the attributes as usual like created Size attribute.

Lear more: how to add attributes for your product.


You can style your variation as you want to the Swatches setting

I selected horizontal alignment  and button for my product variation style.

This is how it looks like at front end.

Product variation

You can find many other style options in this plugin, just go to Variation swatches in you WordPress dashboard.

variation swatches

You can style your product variation according to your needs from this section. Style your variation button, image design, color design.


Create the variation as you want for your customers and give them a better user experience in your online store so they can like your website and get back again and again.

WooCommerce Variation Swatches


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The WooCommerce Variation Swatches plugin is also a good option. You can use this plugin to transform your dropdowns into swatches automatically. Your goods will be updated to the new swatch picker look.

Dual-tone swatches can also be created using this WooCommerce plugin. So that customers can see exactly what they’ll get, the circular swatch will be divided in half. Also, you may replace the color swatches with a thumbnail of your Featured Image, which will show customers how the selected color would look on the product.

It’s an excellent plugin for any store that sells products in a variety of colors.

WooCommerce Additional Variation Images

woosuite image veriation

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Variations have the drawback of displaying identical product photos and videos regardless of the interpretation selected by the customer. WooCommerce Additional Variation Images fixes all of that.

This plugin may add new photos and videos to each of your product variations. Customers will be able to get a better look at the product before making a purchase, which will improve their shopping experience in the long run.

Using WooCommerce Additional Variation Images, you may further personalize your products. The slider can be set to auto-play, the arrows can be shown or hidden, and thumbnail photos can be resized. Regardless of how you set it up, everything is mobile-friendly and responsive.

WooCommerce Show Variations on Shop Page

variation on shop page

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It’s normal for WooCommerce to list all your products, and customers must select a product to see its variations. The WooCommerce Show Variations on Shop Page plugin allows you to display all of your products’ variations on your store’s shop page.

Your items and all of their variants will appear on your store’s main page as soon as you enable this plugin. You can improve the title of each variation by rewriting the typical product titles, which are dull. In addition, you’ll always see the correct variant when searching by attribute on the store page.

This plugin will help you make your variations more prominent in your shop.

YITH WooCommerce Color and Label Variations

yith product variation

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You’ve probably found the plugin you’re looking for in this YITH variation of the product plugin. It allows you to replace WooCommerce’s dull dropdown menus with attractive color swatches and other chosen alternatives.

Using this variation plugin, you can customize the product page icon for each new variable you add. Adding a color picker, an image, or plain text for sizing options, for example, allows visitors to choose their favourite shade of a color. This feature alone is worth the plugin’s price, but there are many more.

For each version, you may also add a completely separate image gallery. There are many examples, such as someone purchases the green version of an item you’ve put up for sale, and your gallery photographs are automatically updated to reflect this. Small tooltips can also be added to the more oversized style thumbnail photos.

It’s possible to give a short description of each variant, list all variations underneath the product description, and display variations as unique products on your store pages in addition to the other capabilities.

It’s a beautiful plugin for managing your variations and improving the user experience for your consumers. Ultimately,

WooCommerce Bulk Variations

woocommerce bulk variation

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Customers may desire to buy various versions of the same product depending on the type of products you sell. Because of the default dropdowns, you must add each variation to the cart one at a time. This is quite time-consuming.

To deal with this issue, the WooCommerce Bulk Variations plugin displays all product variants in a matrix or grid manner. Customers can enter the quantity they need for each variation to save time, then click the Add to Cart button once.

The grid of bulk variations can be configured in a variety of ways. For example, you can use it to display images for each product variation. The variants grid has choices for displaying attributes in rows or columns and the ability to communicate additional information such as stock information.


Help display and sell variations more effectively with these WooCommerce product variation plugins.

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