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Best WooCommerce Shopping Cart Plugins of 2022

WooCommerce Cart Plugin – What Is It?

WooCommerce shopping cart plugins are designed to help you increase sales and improve the consumer experience on your website.

It’s understandable if you’re questioning why you’d need a solution like this since WooCommerce is already a sophisticated e-commerce plugin.

As a result, software engineers have devised methods for recovering items left in shopping carts, speeding up the checkout process, personalizing your customers’ carts, and even enabling them to order takeaway or delivery of their favorite meals from your restaurant’s website.


Customers will be able to do the following with the assistance of shopping cart plugins:

  • Create a shopping list for themselves.
  • It is possible to add or remove items from the shopping basket at any time.
  • Use a credit card and another payment gateway to make online payments.
  • Keep track of and revise their order history

Let’s have a look at some of the features that WooCommerce has to offer!

Best Cart Plugins for Woo Commerce

WooCommerce Fast Cart

WooCommerce Fast Cart

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A single order form on one page can take the place of several cart and checkout procedures with the Barn2 plugin. To summarize, it turns your WooCommerce store into a flexible micro cart.

The pop-up cart allows customers to make changes, add items, and check out after adding them to their shopping cart. Additionally, Fast Cart will enable you to change the color of the pop-up cart and select from a side cart or pop-up cart. WooCommerce cart and checkout pages can easily be replaced if you so desire.

Key attributes:

  • In-page access to your shopping cart and payment options
  • The checkout page and the cart page of WooCommerce can be replaced.
  • Uses your chosen color scheme to complement your overall design
  • Pick your button colors, design, and layout based on your preferences.
  • Intended for both newcomers and seasoned programmers

Pricing: $79 – $119 Annual


WooFunnels cart plugin

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When it comes to increasing sales in your e-commerce store, funnels are the key. Using WooFunnels and WooCommerce, you can build a feature-rich e-commerce platform. The plugin simplifies the process of creating landing pages, one-click upsells, and order bumps, as well as assisting you in resolving the issue of abandoned carts.

Because of the numerous responsive templates available, you don’t have to start from scratch when using WooFunnels. WooFunnels also includes tools for tracking orders and conducting split A/B testing in addition to its design tools. It also provides you with easy-to-understand analytics information. Orders can also be indexed using a capability included in the software.

Key attributes:

  • Web pages for landing
  • The checkout pages can be tailored to the needs of the customer.
  • Single-click upsells
  • Bumping of orders
  • Split A/B tests

Pricing: $15 Monthly


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Using Orderable, customers can place orders directly from your restaurant’s website. Accepting online food orders has never been easier with this all-in-one plugin. There are only a few steps left: adding your menu items, processing orders, and fulfilling them. Because Orderable handles the heavy lifting for you, it’s shockingly simple.

Additionally, there are no additional costs or commissions to pay while using Orderable. Because of the restaurant industry’s razor-thin profit margins, having extra money in your pocket is a welcome respite.

Key attributes:

  • Design your menus from scratch
  • Streamlined Add-ons
  • Set the hours, checkout and tithing options, and store layout to your liking.
  • Use the Orderable Block to create menus on any page.

Pricing: $149 Annual

Age Verification Popup

Cart plugin

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Your online store must check the age of your customers before they may purchase specific products. A customer’s age must be verified before they may add anything to their shopping baskets, such as tobacco, alcohol, medicine, or fireworks.

An age verification pop-up will be displayed on the WooCommerce product, cart, and checkout pages you designate in the plugin. Alternatively, you can create a popup for the entire website.

Using this plugin, you can change the font and color to match your site’s design. You can also set a particular period for the cookie to remember your age verification.

Key attributes:

  • Various ways of verification
  • Display on all of a store’s pages or just a few of them
  • Customizable pop-up for confirming your age
  • Customize cookie expiration and link redirection timings.
  • Allow logged-in users to continue requiring verification.

Pricing: $29 Annual


Cart flow

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CartFlows is another easy-to-use funnel builder. The plugin, like Woo Funnels, is designed to generate leads and convert visitors to customers.

Conversion-optimized templates are readily available within CartFlows.

CartFlows’ Canvas Mode is one of the most notable features. As a result of Canvas Mode, you can see your sales funnels in action. Understanding how customers go through your site is much easier when you can see complex sales funnels represented as graphic flow charts.

Key attributes:

  • Templates that are ready to go.
  • All-in-One Import
  • Built for the Most Popular Page Builders.
  • Conversion-optimized templates are also available.
  • Customize Without Code

Pricing: $239 Annual or $999 Lifetime

WooCommerce Cart All in One

cart all in one

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Customers today want it to be simple to show off their shopping carts while they’re out and about shopping. They want to keep track of everything they’ve contributed, how much of each item there is, and what the final tally is. With the WooCommerce Cart All In One Plugin, you can get more out of your online store’s default WooCommerce cart.

The improved cart parts can be customized to match your website’s look with this plugin.

Key attributes:

  • Cart on the sidebar
  • In addition to the menu, you can also use the cart to
  • Button That Stays In Place When You Click It
  • Items that have recently been viewed
  • Checkout in the sidebar Cart.

Pricing: Free, $30 Premium Version

YITH WooCommerce Checkout Manager

yith check out plugin

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The ability to personalize the fields on your checkout pages sounds wonderful. Add or remove fields, pick text or checkboxes, add select and radio buttons, and more with YITH WooCommerce Checkout Manager.

Drag-and-drop functionality lets you customize and relocate the new fields as needed.

YITH is the Company behind this plugin, thus, it’s compatible with their WooCommerce MailChimp extension as well. Make sure your follow-up campaigns are carefully targeted and based on your customers’ purchases with the help of this helpful tool.

Key attributes:

  • Text and multiple-choice custom fields can be created.
  • Fields can be moved around with the Drag & Drop method.
  • Select the colors, labels, and tooltips for the checkout fields you want to display.
  • To display mandatory fields, enable Javascript Field Validation.
  • Decide if you prefer a single row of checkouts instead of two rows (as set by default on WooCommerce)
  • Customize the fields for shipping, billing, and any other notes.

Pricing: $69.99 Annual


Some of these plugins on this list have similar functionality, but they all have unique ways of enhancing your WooCommerce shop. The more customers can quickly check out or even share their shopping carts, the more opportunity for new customers to come to your site. Use these plugins to create a shopping experience that matches substantial online stores and watch your business grow.


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