Zoom Woocommerce Product Image

How To Zoom Woocommerce Product Image

Do you want to add a magnifying zoom for product images in WooCommerece? Zooming images allow users to see details that they would not see in a normal-sized image. we will show you how to  Zoom Woocommerce product image.

Zoom Woocommerce Product Image

There are a lot of plugins available in WordPress to provide this feature. You will find the list below.

Product Image Zoom

Running an eCommerce site with WooCommerce? The WooCommerce product image zoom is the most necessary feature for your site. The more you can show your product details to your customers more you can get conversions. Product Image Zoom for Woocommerce allows you to magnify product images and set zooming features easily and quickly.

Its premium version Product Image Zoom for Woocommerce PRO comes with an advanced setting panel. So you can configure the magnifier as you need.

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WP Image Zoom

WP Image Zoom is a robust, modern and very configurable image zoom plugin. It allows you to easily create a magnifying glass on your images, all from a very intuitive WP admin interface.

Your visitors will be able to see the beautiful details of your images. This will improve your users’ experience and hopefully also your revenue.

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YITH Zoom Magnifier

Zoom Woocommerce Product

Offer to your visitors a chance to inspect in detail the quality of your products. With YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier you can add a zoom effect to all your product images.
The WordPress plugin also adds a slider below the featured image with your product gallery images.

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Image Hover Effects

Zoom Woocommerce Product

Image Hover Effects Ultimate (Image Gallery, Effects, Lightbox, Comparison or Magnifier) is an impressive, lightweight, responsive Image hover effects gallery. Use modern and elegant CSS hover effects and animations. Best Used for portfolio/ gallery/image showcase items in a WordPress site using shortcodes and custom post. Consider the comfort of developers, we lunch an advanced pure CSS3 based hover effect plugin named Image Hover Effects Ultimate (Image Gallery, Effects, Lightbox, Comparison or Magnifier). It is fully responsive. Bring your images to live with some beautiful animation and transition with this awesome plugin.

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Now Let Us Setup Most Popular One:

The most featured and popular one is WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier from YITH. We are going to setup this plugin on our localhost in which we have set up a WordPress website and WooCommerce plugin setup ready. Now we will be going to add the Xoom product image feature which is a really good feature to better highlight products.

Setup and Configuration

  1. Log into your WordPress site.
  2. Go to: Plugins > Add New.
  3. Search for the YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier  on the plugin page
  4. Just click the “Install Now > Activate Now”.
Zoom Woocommerce Product

Main Features

  • Show a bigger size product image on mouseover.
  • Customize zoom area width and height and the size of the image to show as zoomed image.
  • Enable or disable it on mobile devices.
  • Add a slider showing product image thumbnails.
  • Customize the slider behavior.

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General Settings

In general setting part of the plugin you will find the options for Activating the Magnifier and forcing your image to change the size.

Magnifier Settings







Now, when we come to the attribute of the magnified image then we see the magnifying width, height and also the label during the zoom time.

Slider Setting

Another feature of this zoom plugin is a slider that lets you add a sliding gallery to the product’s page and put the quantity of image that you want to slide on that page.


For the product to look good and attractive this plugin is very helpful. These listed plugins are very simple to setup and will take a few minutes for the installation and activation over the main site. We hope you too try them and share your experience with these plugins in comments.

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