Simple WooCommerce Tips To Increase Sales

Where do you stand presently in your WooCommerce store journey?
Maybe you are intending to inaugurate your WooCommerce store, or perhaps you have been operating it for some years now.

Irrespective of where you’re at you require to work intensely on growing your sales either way.

From increasing your email list to social media marketing, there are numerous platforms and mediums you can leverage to raise the sales for your WooCommerce store. Nevertheless, you require to recognize which of them are most helpful and offer you an improved ROI (return on investment).

This guide will make you privy to different tactics like the way you can optimize your WooCommerce store for boosting your sales.

Let’s jump in!

Select An Eye-Grabbing WooCommerce Theme

Select An Eye-Grabbing WooCommerce Theme

Immediately upon entering your store, the initial thing your leads see is the theme and the general layout of the store.

If they love what they view, then they are certainly going to make closer scrutiny and spend time surfing through your store. Though, if a confusing and cluttered layout is seen by them, they are going to hit the exit button without affording a second glance to your store.

E-commerce store audiences hope to view an eye-grabbing user interface that is not just visually attractive but also simple to navigate. Your users should get to communicate with your WooCommerce store minus any confusion. Overall, you need to present a simple and smooth experience for your customers.

WooCommerce themes, in general, can be categorized under 3 types:

  • Free WooCommerce themes
  • Custom WooCommerce themes
  • Paid WooCommerce themes

While you require to select the theme that suits your budget best, you should bear one essential thing in mind. Being able to utilize a free WooCommerce theme is, obviously, an extra benefit, nevertheless, such themes frequently fail in the matter of functionality and design.

Accordingly, to gain success in your WooCommerce effort, it is best to go for paid WooCommerce themes. It does not necessarily have to be expensive. Actually, you might be able to obtain a splendid theme below $100. Some of the preferred themes include Storefront Free WooCommerce Theme, Shopkeeper WordPress Theme, and Total Multipurpose WordPress Theme.

Finally, if you can handle a big budget, you can also opt for a customized theme. Internet is filled with numerous credible bespoke website developers and theme designers. Costs also differ – though whatever the cost, it is certainly going to exceed that of a pre-existing premium WooCommerce theme.

Present A Simple And Intimate User-Experience

Simple WooCommerce Tips To Increase Sales

The kinder user-experience you provide, the greater the number of people will turn into permanent customers. It’s evident that when your leads encounter difficulty in navigating through your website, they are going to leave it without according a second thought. The plain fact is that yours is not the sole store on the internet, the competitor list is quite big. Overall, your leads are not precisely wanting in choice.

A large part of a user-interactive e-commerce experience is easy navigation. It straightforwardly ascribes to a cozy environment for your users. This can conveniently be accomplished by employing navigation menus and breadcrumb links.

Yoast Woocommerce SEO

Simple WooCommerce Tips To Increase Sales

This premium Yoast SEO extension includes support for WooCommerce, like enhanced breadcrumbs. Bear in mind that Yoast does not instantly optimize your site for search, but is rather a superb tool to aid you to optimize your content prior to its publication. In addition to what Yoast performs for blog posts, it keeps on that work in sitemaps, product pages, and navigation.

WooCommerce Product Table

Besides this, you can also integrate a product table within your WooCommerce store. It will aid your audience obtain a clear view of your important attributes, price, product description and a distinct “Add to Cart” CTA button.

Offer Discounts

Simple WooCommerce Tips To Increase Sales

Customers like a nice sale and a rebate are all you require to convert a confused shopper into a contended customer. Using WooCommerce and its toolbox, you can create flash sales, discount codes, and promotions.

A discount coupon code is a fantastic way to conjure up increased sales for your store. A code may be from 10-30% of the order total or the product price, and there are not many people that would turn down a rebate like that.

There are lots of discount options by utilizing WooCommerce extensions, like the Smart Coupons extension. You can produce active pricing, bundle offers, or an insider sale. There’s even the YITH WooCommerce Coupon Email System that can assist you design email coupons that are induced by fields like ‘Customer National Holiday’ or ‘Customer Birthday’.

Benefit From Urgency Triggers

Benefit From Urgency Triggers

Even the minutest alteration in your WooCommerce store like installing a countdown timer else a pop-up can cause a significant sales hike. The maxim of FOMO (fear of missing out) is genuine among many shoppers.

“243 People added this product in their cart today!”
“Hurry up! Just 3 Items remaining in stock!”
“Exclusive discount (Closes in 2 hours)”

The idea is plain – using urgency to induce the consumers to buy rapidly. Scarcity is what motivates them to action. It functions like a charm. For instance, people may not devote attention to a product if they know they could purchase the item anytime. However, if the product is present affordably for a specified time only, consumers are instantly intrigued.

WooCommerce extensions like XL WooCommerce Sales Trigger, allow you to install a timer on a good or category for a limited time and date and render any item available for purchase for a restricted time. If the time expires, the product will stay concealed to customers.

Upsell & Cross-Sell

Upsell & Cross-Sell

Among the finest strategies that biggies in the eCommerce arena like Amazon employ are cross-selling and upselling of the products. Cross-selling and Upselling are closely-associated.

Upselling allows you to sell a more costly version of an item substituting the one the customer initially planned to purchase. Upselling constitutes the reason why you’ll purchase the sedan in place of the hatchback, and why you’ll undertake a three-day journey to Milan rather than a 7-day tour in your own country.

On the contrary, Cross-selling is if you sell something linked to the product, but which the customer didn’t plan to buy at first. It’s a product connected to the purchase but not anything a customer generally considers. For instance, shoes. You can cross-sell by including a bag, a product to clean the shoes, a rack to place the shoes, and so on.

Cross-selling and upselling will simply work if you relieve the decision-making process of your consumers. If you offer them excessive choices, they will become overwhelmed and may not select a product at all.

Each additional activity that is taken by users on your WooCommerce store renders the whole process more complicated. This is why you must consider ways to lessen the number of steps when you upsell or cross-sell in your store.

One way to accomplish that is to bundle associated products at a rebated price. If the customers purchase each of those products personally, it involves greater steps and decision-making. Nevertheless, by bundling, customers can purchase many products at a reasonable price, and raise your bottom line currently also.

PPC Remarketing

PPC Remarketing

Irrespective of how in-demand your items are, the majority of your visitors will leave without buying, subscribing, downloading, calling, or interacting with your offer. Catching someone’s attention is not that simple. Moreover, it’s much difficult to keep a customer and drive him/her to further action.

This is where remarketing and retargeting come in. Remarketing can access people that have already displayed a previous interest in your items. When that occurs, ads have improved chances to get clicked and subsequently, the visits to your WooCommerce store will rise.

With remarketing, you can return your prospects for a second, third or fourth occasion to convert them into customers. This propels your brand ahead of search engines for becoming more prominent to your target audience.

Retargeting campaigns allow you to arrange your product offers with your business goals and the audiences’ concerns that you wish to reach. Whether you desire to grow store visits, create more sign-ups and leads, or raise conversions and sales, remarketing activities should be appropriate to that.

When it’s correctly executed, AdWords paid ads for Woocommerce may be a highly useful means to attract new audiences along with those who are prepared to conduct a purchase and who are excited about the products that you present. However, each productive PPC campaign whether regarding eCommerce or not must be cautiously planned to remain cost-effective initially.

The following tips will help you attain an improved position for your WooCommerce ads on search engines:

Make sure your site does perfectly on mobile:

A/B test your titles, CTAs and landing page structure
Install conversion tracking to estimate your campaigns and evaluate results
Make the checkout procedure easy and defect-free. You don’t wish people that are conducting a purchase to exit if the process is complicated.

Design an appealing ad copy:

Pay care to your CTA. This is what inspires the user to click through on your WooCommerce links. Keep a plain, gain-focused CTA that instills a sense of urgency. Primarily, it must be associated with the user’s final goal.
Another thing to bear in mind while writing ad copy is to highlight the traits that distinguish your products from the horde. This can comprise anything from a price point to the rarity or the quality of your items.


The aforesaid constitute WooCommerce sales tips that you need to care for if you wish to enhance sales and progress your online store. However, you require to forever remain updated with the new eCommerce and WooCommerce techniques and if you wish to stay in the race and rule the marketplace one day.

Despite the reality that the contest is fierce out there, there’s space for you when you optimize your WooCommerce site yeah!

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