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Top WooCommerce Checkout Plugins For Your Online Store

WooCommerce is one of the most popular E-Commerce plugins available to us. It allows users to carry out transactions smoothly and easily. This will give all your users an enhanced shopping experience and will also enhance the sale on your website. WooCommerce comes with several checkout plugins. Using these plugins, your users will easily be able to checkout from your website.

Here we are with some of the most popular WooCommerce Checkout Plugins for your online store:

#1 WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor

woocommwerce checkout

WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor is the best plugin to opt for to design a WooCommerce store. It is basically a WooCommerce extension that allows you to control all the fields on the checkout page of the website. You will have control over all three fields which are links, shipping, and order. WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor is also translation ready. You will be able to add an extra fee to the cart total with both fixed as well as percentage.

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#2 WooCommerce Checkout for Digital Goods

digital goods checkout

WooCommerce Checkout for Digital Goods allows the users to check out easily from the online store. Once you have made your purchase, you will easily be able to navigate to the checkout page and make your payments. The plugin is easy to install and also helps to increase the sale on your WordPress website. You will be able to avoid filling all the unnecessary fields before proceeding to checkout. WooCommerce Checkout for Digital Goods is specially used for making payments easier at stores selling digital products. 

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#3 WooCommerce Checkout Fields & Fees

woocommerce checkout field and fees

WooCommerce Checkout Fields & Fees easily integrates with the additional fields on the checkout forms. A conditional fee can be applied to the products based on their delivery details. Different types of checkout fields can be added. WooCommerce Checkout Fields & Fees has WPML support. Fields are reported on the Order details page. The plugin is compatible with several popular web browsers.

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#4 WooCommerce Checkout Discounts

woocommerce checkout discount

WooCommerce Checkout Discounts is an extension of the powerful WooCommerce plugin. It allows you to add custom checkout discounts to your products automatically. You will either be able to set a fixed amount or a certain percentage of the total amount. You can also set a minimum cart amount that your customers will have to pay to claim the discount. WooCommerce Checkout Discounts is quick and easy to install. You will also be provided with the option to disable the discount if required.

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#5 WooCommerce Checkout Fees

check out fee

WooCommerce Checkout Fees is another WooCommerce extension. It allows you to take an extra fee in various cases. You will be able to charge your users an extra fee above their total amount. The plugin allows you to manage all the fees extremely easily. Your customers will be able to see the status of the fees. A few of the useful features include cart total, coupons, specific user roles, and many more. You will be provided with multiple payment gateway options.

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#6 Woocommerce Checkout Recaptcha


Woocommerce Checkout Recaptcha is one such plugin that prevents spammers from placing false orders. The plugin is added to the checkout page of the website. The ReCaptcha space can be placed anywhere on the checkout page. This plugin helps to reduce fraud orders and increase the sale on your WooCommerce website. 

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#7 Woocommerce checkout Later

WooCommerce Checkout Plugins

Woocommerce checkout Later allows the customers to save the products that they have on their cart and checkout later. It is a highly useful plugin for your E-Commerce platform. It allows your customers to leave the store without making any purchasing. They can come back any time they wish to and make their purchase. They will no longer have to spend time searching for that particular product all over again. The users will directly be able to jump to the checkout page. This gives your customers an excellent shopping experience.

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#8 WooCommerce Checkout Location Picker

location picker

WooCommerce Checkout Location Picker helps the customers to fill all the fields during checkout. This makes the checkout process a lot easier thus increasing sales on your website. This addon uses the geolocation feature. Once the customer has placed the order, he/she can directly pinpoint the location on the map so that their orders can be delivered to them in a hassle-free manner. You will be able to customize the Google maps using the various options provided to you.

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#9 WooCommerce Checkout Tooltips

checkout tooltips

WooCommerce Checkout Tooltips allows you to add custom tooltips to the default fields present on the checkout page of WooCommerce. The tooltips can be enabled or disabled directly from the Settings page itself. You need not have set tooltips on all your fields. You can also change the color of the tooltip as per your choice. The plugin is extremely easy to use and set up.

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#10 Checkout Multi-Step

multi steps

WooCommerce Checkout Multi-Step provides you with a step-by-step user interface to make the checkout process extremely easy. This includes validation billing and shipping steps. The layout is highly responsive. You will be provided with both vertical as well as horizontal orientation. WooCommerce Checkout Multi-Step is cross-browser compatible. Multiple styles are available. The plugin works well with all themes.

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#11 WooCommerce Checkout Upsells


WooCommerce Checkout Upsells helps to increase the conversion rate of your website by around 62%. It will allow you to display the products that you want as an upsell on the website. You can also customize the look of the upsells by adding custom CSS. WooCommerce Checkout Upsells is also quite easy to customize. It also comes with multiple product support. 

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#12 Fat Service Booking – Checkout Add On

flat service booking

Fat Service Booking allows your clients to make payments through the cart page and the checkout page. However, to use this addon, you need to have Fat Service Booking and WooCommerce Checkout Plugins installed on your system. It is simple to use and gives your clients a seamless checking experience. You can accept online payments from your users. You will also be able to install different payment gateways through WooCommerce

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So these were the best WooCommerce Checkout Plugins for your online store. Add these plugins to your store and give your E-Commerce platform an entirely new dimension.

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