Common Reasons Why Backups Are Essential For WooCommerce Stores


Taking complete backup of your WooCommerce store at regular intervals is extremely important. This can save hours of trouble and can also prevent the loss of all kinds of valuable data. Mistakes may happen every now and then. There can be an accidental loss of data because of several reasons. However, you need to know how exactly you can get over the mistake and restore all your data quickly

Backing up your WooCommerce store

Any minute your store goes offline, you start losing sales. However, the damage is not just about your finances, it could also cause a severe blow to your reputation and your customers may never return back to your website. Other companies may grab this advantage to convert your customers to theirs. Taking a backup will make sure that all the transactions and other important information are stored at a secured place so that all the data can be restored whenever required. You will be able to store the history of every transaction and other necessary details of your website and restore it later.

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Why should you take a backup of your website?

Here are some of the most important reasons for taking a back-up:

1. Updates go sideways:

Common Reasons Why Backups Are Essential For WooCommerce Stores

Most WordPress websites consist of a lot of plugins. These plugins are updated at regular intervals. A lot of third-party plugins can cause your WordPress website to break down. Your website may go offline and some parts may not function properly. A backup will allow you to restore all your data and your website will become just as it was before.

2. You opt for something new:

Suppose you are trying to implement some changes to your website. You are trying to add a new function or make changes to the page design. With a backup, you will be able to revert back the changes whenever required. Even if something goes wrong, you will not lose any of your important data. You have the full liberty to do whatever you wish to without fearing that your work will get damaged.

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3.Malware may attack your website:

Many times, your website may get attacked by malware and hackers. This is especially the case with big organisations. Automated bots try to enter your website and damage all your important data and information. Having a backup will make sure that you are able to restore all your data to a clean version of your website.

4. Jetpack Backup: Take a complete backup of your website


Jetpack Backup is one of the most useful tools for taking backup of all the contents of your website. you will also be able to restore the data whenever you want to. The tool acts as a time machine and allows you to change your information at any instant. Even if your website is completely lost on your server, you will be able to restore the backup and you will not lose even a single piece of information. Jetpack Backup was specially created for WordPress websites. It perfectly integrates with your website and also comes with excellent support.

Here are some of the most important features of Jetpack Backup:

Real-time backup: You will be able to take real-time backups of all your data. This backup will be performed automatically whenever there is any kind of changes to your website. This property is best suited for E-Commerce stores. You may wish to create coupons, publish new products and gain new subscribers in an hour. 

If you perform a backup once every day, you will be losing your update depending on the time during which the backup takes place. In the real-time backup feature, you will be provided with the activity log. This will help you to find out when your website went down and what actions were taken prior to that. After that, you can restore the website to the right version.

Offsite storage: Jetpack also allows you to store the backups of your website on an external server so that your data remains absolutely secure. Even if there is any kind of problem with your server, you will be able to restore your website from the backup. Even when your server has been completely compromised, your data will be completely safe.

Redundancy: Jetpack will store your backup at multiple locations as well as in separate servers. This means that you will also have a backup of the backup. If anything accidentally happens to one set of data, you will be able to restore your website from another backup.

Real-time real-life support: Jetpack has an amazing support team who are ready to help you out whenever required. The team has some of the best experts who will be able to provide you with information on every security-related issue. They will also help you with downtime monitoring, malware scanning and brute force attack protection. They will also be able to provide you with additional guidance regarding how to prevent any kind of further attacks.

Superfast restore operation: You will be able to restore your data from anywhere with just a simple click of the mouse and the entire data can be restored in just a few minutes. You need not have to access your computer in order to restore your data. The restoring process can be carried out on your mobile phone as well.

5. Jetpack Backup Plans:

Why Backups Are Essential For WooCommerce

There are two different ways by which you will be able to enable Jetpack Backup plans:

Go for a plan that includes backup: The premium plan has a daily backup feature and the professional plan provides you with the real-time backup feature. You will also be provided with a number of other powerful features that will allow you to improve the performance and security of your website.

Purchase Jetpack Backup: You may also purchase Jetpack backup as a standalone program. This will help you to choose between real-time backup and daily backup.


If you want your WooCommerce business to grow, it is of extreme importance that you take regular backup of your data. This will protect your website from security threats, data loss and downtime and give your users an excellent shopping experience.

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