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Four Types of Products You Can Sell with WooCommerce

There are all sorts of businesses that people are trying these days, and something unique is coming up every day. There are various types of products that people are selling as well. WooCommerce is one platform for such businesses where you can sell and showcase different sets of products. Here are the four prominent types of those products that you can sell with WooCommerce.

Physical Products

These are the most fundamental, popular, and apparent types of products you can sell online. As a platform for businesses to create stores- WooCommerce allows you to sell physical products on your digital store.

Clothes, books, packed foods, and different types of inventions are the usual products that are often sold through these stores. A lot of small new businesses that are looking to take a market online or are bringing a new change in an already existing market are ones that are using this highly.

It is also prevalent among existing businesses that need an online existence. Standard services and options are there- home, categories, cart pages, and the COD/ online payment options. Order status and taxation are other services that it helps you with.

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Digital Products

Digital Product

Digital assets are also becoming popular these days. These are the types of products that can be downloaded- they could be any media or anything that can be used and stored online. WooCommerce also provides the option to such products in the store. An e-book, design, audio are all types of digital products you can sell.

WooCommerce’s services for digital products are even more extended and versatile than physical products. You don’t need to do anything more than uploading, setting the price, and marketing. Protecting the links, processing orders, receiving payments, providing access to the customers’ post-purchase- it’s all dependent on WooCommerce. The platform takes care of all that you need.


Stepping even further from the traditional products and stores- you can use WooCommerce to sell your services as well. Your services- something that you are good at, something you do professionally. They all land in the services category while selling on your online store. Now, you have two options to sell these services. You can either sell them as a package/ contract. Where you get paid for the service as a whole, no matter how much time it takes. The other option is to sell it on an hourly basis. You can charge based on time spent working on it without considering the result.

Both are equally sensible- it just depends on what type of service you are selling. They are equally convenient to sell too. WooCommerce gives you the option to mark a product as a service and gives various payment options. You can use free plugins to access all the options available. For this, you can use our WooCommerce addon – Woo Sell Services to add a services section to your WooCommerce based eCommerce store.

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Netflix is seen to be one of the most innovative businesses in the world. Primarily because it works on a membership-based system. You don’t feel like paying a lot for the variety of content you get, and the business makes excellent profits as there are a considerable number of members. Recently, a lot of businesses and entrepreneurs have been enticed by this fact and are stepping into this membership business- especially using content as their product.

WooCommerce also allows its users to create membership-based limited-access websites. These are pretty simple, too. You can charge either a one-time fee or a regular periodic subscription. Also, you will need extensions to go ahead with this type of website.


WooCommerce has a versatile and flexible platform. You can use it to sell various types of products and services. Physical products, digital products, memberships, and services being the prominent ones.

You can use many plugins and extensions to customize and make room for more changes and more unusual types of setups. Most types of payment and control are available in the primary WooCommerce platform, though.

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