Best WooCommerce product filter plugin

WooCommerce product filter plugin

Product filters useful to filter the products on WooCommerce shop. It allows customers to filter and get the product exactly based on their needs at a quick time. WooCommerce product filter plugin adds great value to the overall user experience and allows users to quickly find the products they are looking for by removing unnecessary products from the list.

The WooCommerce product plugins make your product filter option a lot more advanced. This article comes with a huge variety of plugins using which you will be able to enhance the product search experience of your visitors.

Here we are with some of the best WooCommerce filter plugins that you can use in your store and offer a great experience to your visitors.

1. Advanced AJAX Product Filters


Advanced Ajax Product Filter is a popular WordPress plugin that comes with many advanced and useful features that can be easily accessed by new beginners. It works great with the custom widget area. You can create unlimited filters and create a dedicated page to showcase your entire filter.

AJAX powered filters are included so that shoppers can quickly get the product result. It has advanced product filtering ability to your WooCommerce shop and also add unlimited filters with one widget. No coding is required. You can access and place the product filter anywhere in your website with the help of drag-n-drop page builder.

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WOOF is an amazing WooCommerce product filter plugin useful to search the product quickly and easily by users. It works successfully with WooCommerce Brands. It comes with different skins for radio and checkboxes.  You can display the product attribute in the form of the checkbox, drop-down, radio, and more. 

WOOF is the highest rated free WooCommerce product filter plugin. It allows your customer to filter the products by categories, attributes, in the form. It includes, widgets, product shortcode and multiple filter display options are some of the best features of the plugin.

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3. Ultimate WooCommerce Filters

Ultimate WooCommerce

Ultimate WooCommerce Filters is a free WooCommerce product filter plugin which is very easy to use with a simple WooCommerce filter widget and shortcode. It includes all popular filtering features that you may find in other plugins. It has a user-friendly interface.

It has a simple and elegant layout, which is great for any e-commerce site. It also allows you to choose colors for your brand and products. With the help of powerful attributes you can create a powerful, effective and practical product browsing experience for your customers. It also comes fully compatible with WPML.

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4. Themify


Themify WooCommerce Product Filter is another free and popular WooCommerce product filter plugin that helps customers to find any product fast and easy. This plugin is a flexible tool for setting up product filter options within your WooCommerce store.

This free WordPress plugin provides multiple filter combinations. It allows visitors to filter products by categories, price range, tags, brands, age, gender and many more. With drag and drop builder you can easily add and customize the position of your product filter. 

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5. YITH WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter

WooCommerce product filter plugin

YITH WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter is a modern Ajax powered WooCommerce plugin designed to filter the product on WooCommerce sites. It allows users to filter the products according to their needs. This helps them to find exactly what they want in a few minutes.

This plugin allows visitors to filter products by using price, color, size, category, tags, and more. It allows you to search the products without reloading the page. It also offers advanced filtering options like publishing date, price range, user ratings, number of sales, etc.

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6. WooCommerce AJAX Product Filter

Product Filter

WooCommerce AJAX Product Filter is a premium WooCommerce plugin powered by AJAX. This plugin involves an advanced product filtering for WooCommerce Shop. Customers can filter the products based on their needs.

You can add unlimited filters and merge them to save the space of your site. It allows customers to filter the products by category, attribute, Meta data, and taxonomy. It also includes drag and drop widgets to create filters for users to filter products.

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7. WooCommerce Product Filter

woocommerce product filter


If you are looking for highly configurable products then try WooCommerce Product Filter. It is a powerful free WooCommerce product filter plugin used to filter products of all categories. Filtration of products can be done by category, size, price, color, rate, weight, sales count, etc. It supports both widgets and shortcodes.

This plugin comes with adaptive filtering with the option to showcase how many products are available under the specified filters. It includes a drag-and-drop feature that enables you to create your own advanced filters in a few minutes. You can enable or disable the Ajax-powered filtering search system.

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8. WordPress Meta Data and Taxonomies Filter


WordPress Meta Data and Taxonomies Filter is a premium WooCommerce product filter plugin that allows you to filter the WooCommerce Products. This plugin has excellent flexibility as it includes built-in metadata constructor.

This plugin is useful to set up a filtering system so users can search and filter your products based on meta fields and taxonomies. It also supports Ajax searching and auto submits option for WooCommerce products. You can create a search-filter shortcode by the constructor. It also supports auto submit options.

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9. PWF


PWF is another powerful and responsive WooCommerce Product Filters plugin designed to filter WooCommerce products by color, size, attribute, category or tag. It has unlimited filter options including AJAX product filters. You can create a search-filter shortcode by the constructor.

Customers are allowed to filter and find the products easily by using multiple selections for product filters. Users can filter products by categories, taxonomies, attributes, tags, meta, price, stock status, order by, author, and come with a Friendly Admin panel.

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10. WPHobby

WP Hobby

WP Hobby is an advanced WooCommerce Product Filter plugin is a flexible WooCommerce Plugin useful for customers to filter products based on any criteria. They can select products by its categories, products attributes, tags, price and more. The look and feel of the product filter is also highly configurable.

This plugin comes with built in widgets that you can use to place as many instances of attributes as you needed. You will also get access to features like adaptive filtering, smart filter analytics, and much more.

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These are some of the most amazing WooCommerce product filter plugins. Each of these plugins comes with its own set of features. We have included both free and paid plugins to make sure you have options that fit your requirements as well as budget. If you have any queries related to this article, you can leave a comment below! Stay Connected.

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