Membership Plugins For WordPress

Best Membership Plugins For WordPress For 2022

Are you seeking to change your WordPress site into a wholly functional membership site? Selecting the proper WordPress membership plugin is vital to designing a better platform.

A membership plugin is built to aid you create memberships and then provide these members access to content.

But, how does this enhance your bottom line?

A membership plugin renders it simple to:

Exchange free content to build a dedicated following

Create email lists, so you can dispatch your customers updates or coupons

Charge for entry to members-only content

The finest WordPress membership plugins can aid you generate new income streams and develop a flourishing, like-minded community from your WordPress website. Discovering a WordPress membership plugin can be a challenging task, based on your needs.

WordPress membership plugins are currently in differing degrees of complexity. A few WordPress membership plugins permit you to include an address, phone number, or perhaps some security info. Whereas other plugins provide member tiers and the means to develop a complex profile with unparalleled security protocols.

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The following list includes the best WordPress membership plugins for 2022:


# 1 MemberPress

member press

MemberPress constitutes a comprehensive membership plugin for WordPress that makes it convenient to change your present website into a wholly-featured membership site.

MemberPress enables you to create an unrestricted quantity of memberships (and customize them all, including the price paid by members, who can be a member, and the duration the trial period of a member will last).

You can even put your members into groups, manage their upgrade paths, and design dynamic pricing pages. It’s simple to dispatch emails to your members also. For example, you can employ email integration to advertise flash sales or holiday promos.

MemberPress also gives you authority over your coupons. It enables regulation of expiration dates, choose a discount percentage or specified amount, ascertain which products are applicable to your coupons,  or alter the coupon code (generally automatically generated) to a personalized code.

MemberPress manages payments automatically, so long as you have a single payment method configured and one product generated. The plugin also includes inbuilt support for payment gateways such as Stripe, PayPal, and


  • Includes contact access expiration and content dripping
  • Combines with AWeber, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, GetResponse, etc.
  • Customizable checkout
  • Easy payment gateway integration

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# 2 WooCommerce Memberships

woocommerce membership

WooCommerce Memberships constitutes an accompaniment for WooCommerce that enables you to restrict content to make it available only for registered members of your site. If your membership site is going to acknowledge recurring payments, you’ll also require the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin.

With WooCommerce Memberships, you can build a purchasing club, which implies members have to sign up to get in the club prior to their making a purchase. You can also make them sign up to obtain access to buy specific items!

You’ll get to use the email addresses you’ve gathered by developing your membership site to email notices to your members concerning holiday sales or loyalty discounts.

The WooCommerce membership plugin also permits you to endow a membership apace with the sale of one of your products.

It might be encouraging to know if you’re not contended, the WooCommerce membership plugin presents a 30-day money-return guarantee.


  • Invite-Only members area
  • Incorporates with Constant Contact
  • Content dripping
  • Easy interaction with members
  • Free shipping for members

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# 3 Restrict Content Pro


Restrict Content Pro comprises a lightweight WordPress membership plugin that’s designed by the team that created Easy Digital Downloads. If you are underconfident about installing your membership plugin, Restrict Content Pro could assist: the plugin provides notes to guide you across the setup pages.

This plugin also arrives loaded with features to control content access, while the developers are continuously including new features.

Restrict Content Pro presents a lot of options for payment incorporation, including Braintree, Stripe, 2Checkout, PayPal,, and PayPal Express and Standard. The plugin can also manage many payment options simultaneously.

To “try before you buy,” explore Restrict Contents Pro’s live demo site.


  • Customer dashboard, for members to view and administer account details
  • Separate membership levels
  • Unrestricted subscription packages
  • Content dripping
  • Can present discounts on membership registrations
  • Membership emails

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# 4 Paid Memberships Pro

Paid Membership Pro

Paid Memberships Pro constitutes a free WordPress membership plugin that arrives with a superb set of features. Besides, it’s extendable by addons.

Paid Memberships Pro allows you to set up unrestricted access levels with offer coupons and discount codes, flexible pricing, drip content, besides more. Those employing this plugin effectively handle thousands of members, acknowledge payments for digital courses, and  build social communities for specific interest , besides other things.


  • Pay per view/post
  • Incorporates with Constant Contact
  • Compatible with: 2CheckOut, PayPal Pro/Express, PayPal, Stripe
  • Members-sole product discounts
  • Permits acknowledgement of recurring payment

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# 5 Wishlist Member

wishlist member plugin

WishList Member has plenty to it – you can build unrestricted membership levels, secure content with one click, conveniently accept payments, combine with your email marketing service, besides much more. Additionally, it is equipped with loads of documentation like videos, tutorials, and guides that will assist you obtain the maximum out of it.


  • Offers plenty of integrations with payment gateways, email marketing providers,  and various productivity tools
  • Safeguard content and configure pricing with only a few steps
  • Conveniently drip content
  • Membership statistics at a glance
  • Developer tools such as REST API and WP template tags
  • Unrestricted membership levels and flexible membership alternatives

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# 6 LearnDash

larndash membership plugin

LearnDash, the WordPress LMS plugin can also be used as a membership plugin as it has a direct integration with membership solutions like MemberPress, Wishlist Member, Restrict Content Pro, PaidMemberships Pro, Ulltimate Member, besides a host of others.

Implementing LearnDash makes it convenient to bring value to your membership site as it creates courses that your members can take up. Membership sites can use LearnDash as a conjunction for providing more insight to their users. It helps in course enrolments, offering certificates, points, badges, quizzing as well as learner reporting.

LearnDash has expanded its function and operates like a complete membership plugin. This indicates that, if you are looking to build a membership course with different grades of content access, it is possible to do so with LearnDash.


  • Offers Content Access
  • Assigns User Roles of the Group Leader and Group User Types
  • Permits users to create Group Hierarchy for controlling access to certain courses

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#7 ARMember

ARMember Plugin


It is an easy to use membership plugin with so many features and also has a modern interface. ARMember helps you to create multiple membership levels with a trial period. It’s a responsive theme for any device. 

It provides a member system that does not require any extra effort to handle it. ARMember makes the user panel simple so Sing up, Login, Profile edit, and other options become easy for users.

You can create dripping content and you can also earn money from pay-per-post with a monetization feature outside of the subscription plan. It supports payment gateway with PayPal,, and stripe.


  • Easy member management 
  • Different membership levels
  • Captcha free anti spam facility
  • User friendly interface
  • Email notification
  • Translation ready
  • Work with any wordpress theme
  • Advance drag and drop form builder
  • Manually approve your members
  • Free trial
  • Elementor page builder supported
  • Buddypress integration
  • BBpress integration

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# 8 MemberMouse

member mouse

MemberMouse comprises a WordPress membership plugin that serves the less technologically savvy users. It enables you to build membership levels and bundles, rendering it simple for present members to buy one-off items.

You can even create coupons and trial offers, besides integrating MemberMouse with the finest payment gateways and email marketing providers to optimize your results.


  • Simple to configure checkout
  • Shortcode library
  • Time-release/drip content 
  • Automatic downsells
  • One-click upsells
  • Split-testing

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# 9 aMember Pro

aMember membership plugin

aMember is an extensive membership plugin that was developed in PHP but permits integration into WordPress. So, among the downsides of employing aMember as your membership plugin is that you may encounter compliance issues with different WordPress plugins.

This membership plugin is equipped with unrestricted membership levels, over 200 payment options (including Stripe, PayPal, and, full-featured membership administration, besides more.


  • Longstanding plugin of over 17 years
  • Translated into six languages

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It’s not easy choosing a WordPress membership plugin and, though multiple plugins have been tested to help you discover the finest WordPress membership plugins, the choice is not fixed and will differ with the requirements of your Website.


Based on what you are seeking in a membership plugin, this list will certainly get you up and running. There are various on this list that offer you more than adequate features to begin with and evolve.



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