Email Marketing Tools For eCommerce

Email Marketing Tools For eCommerce are an extremely powerful way to engage an audience. In terms of marketing strategy, email marketing is an effective strategy whether you are talking about established multinationals or startups. Additionally, it makes it easy to communicate with both existing and potential customers. However, business owners can’t send out many emails to a contact list or email subscribers by hand. There has been a proliferation of software that assists anyone with an eCommerce store to distribute unlimited emails. There is no shortage of software or tools on the market whether you are looking for new subscribers or have a massive list of contacts.


How to choose the right email tool for eCommerce

Even though every email marketing service is a little different, most offer a lot of the same basic features. So it can be hard to differentiate all of the available options. Also, you need to figure out which one is best for your needs. The basic feature in the email tool for eCommerce is that every eCommerce business needs an email marketing service.

The tools should have ready-made templates that can be customized to suit your needs. Also, the audience segmentation features for sending targeted emails based on customer profiles. Email tool for eCommerce has Opt-in forms that can be embedded on your website or integrated with your Shopify store. Also, the smart automation for scaling your email marketing efforts without constant monitoring. On the other hand, you will want to make sure the service you choose can handle your intended volume. Even if you want to send 5,000 emails a day to 200,000 subscribers you don’t want a service that caps off below those numbers.

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What should eCommerce teams look for in an Email tool?

Email tools should make the process of communicating with prospective and existing customers as easy and as efficient as possible. This is why automation is an essential feature as it allows you to send out drip emails with ease. Additionally, it is vital to have a tool that allows personalization right from the email subject line. The email tool for eCommerce should capture important information about customers and their behavior on the eCommerce website.
How do you know if you need an Email tool for eCommerce

When you have an eCommerce business and need to communicate with customers, you need an email tool for eCommerce. It can help turn every potential customer into a paying customer. It also ensures that every customer who has purchased from your eCommerce platform keeps coming back.

Below we discussed the five best email tool for eCommerce

1. Klaviyo

Klaviyo- Email Marketing Tools For eCommerce
Email Marketing Tools For eCommerce

It is the most popular email marketing platform by a huge margin. It also hands down the best email tool for running an eCommerce business. Klaviyo integrates with the Facebook custom audience and it has all the other features like targeted customer segmenting and A/B testing. Additionally, this integration allows Klaviyo to gather data from customer purchases, which can be made into customer lists and segments quickly. Also, it is easy to create and test email performance, click and open rates, etc. It also has A/B testing, templates, and data tracking which can be synced with Google Analytics and other programs. Additionally, The built-in integration with an eCommerce platform, help eCommerce brands market their businesses better. It also tracks your sales so you can easily see how well a campaign performed. Also, you can easily import product photos with buy buttons and short descriptions into your emails. It also has a drag and drops editor that makes building emails a breeze.

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2. Omnisend

Omnisend- Email Marketing Tools For eCommerce
Email Marketing Tools For eCommerce

This tool is good for merchants who don’t want to spend a lot of time building an automated email campaign. It offers up to 15,000 emails per month or 2,000 emails per day also offers a free 14-day trial. Even though it is a pricier email tool on the list, users say it is worth the cost. When building an email sequence on other platforms, many steps need to be performed manually. On the other hand, Shopify and Omnisend users say integration is seamless. This also allows dynamic sign-up boxes, pop-ups, and landing pages to help grow their email lists and capture new leads.

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3. Conversio- Email Marketing Tools For eCommerce

Conversio- Email Marketing Tools For eCommerce
Email Marketing Tools For eCommerce

This helps to engage customers and build loyalty while also boosting sales. Even though many emails marketing platforms focus on transactional and lead nurturing emails, conversio wants in on the whole customer journey. The feature of conversio includes powerful segmentation designed for cross and up-selling. It also makes it easy to keep customers loyal and engaged. Also, Encourage customers to review and post their photos of your products and also follow up emails and customer feedback requests.

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4. Drip- Email Marketing Tools For eCommerce

Drip- Email Marketing Tools For eCommerce
Email Marketing Tools For eCommerce

With drip, you can easily tag customers based on their purchases and it is easy to see up campaigns and automation. It has the cleanest user interface. So you can easily see your revenue from the dashboard without unnecessary clutter. On the other hand, it is also easy to monitor the performance of each email campaign. The segmentation option adds more to the email personalization which increases conversion and revenue even more. It also gives integration options for major eCommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and more.

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5. Remarkety

Remarkety- Email Marketing Tools For eCommerce
Email Marketing Tools For eCommerce

It is best for a merchant who wants ready-made campaigns to get them off the ground in a hurry. It also offers a free 14-day trial that includes all its premium features. It offers not just email templates but completely pre-built campaigns for cart abandonment, reactivation, and more. Some users say that the software could benefit from more custom script options. This tool offers small product recommendations driven by AI and its software boasts a 99% delivery rate. It’s dashboards beyond vanity metrics and even offers proactive feedback on campaigns based on industry benchmarks.

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Create Online communityConclusion of Email Marketing Tools For eCommerce

There is no shortage of email tools for eCommerce businesses. It would be nice if you create a list of the features you absolutely can’t live without and your budget. Therefore you can test out a few to see which one fits best for your needs. This is why you better off choose a tool that fulfills your business needs so you can make the most of your email campaigns.

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