Must-have Features of an e-commerce website

Must-have Features of an e-commerce website

An E-Commerce store is all about features. The more features you add to your website, the better will it perform. However, the features that you include on your website must be meaningful ones. Only then will it be able to drive traffic towards your website and will also keep you above other E-Commerce platforms.

Here we are with some of the most essential features that very E-Commerce store must have to trigger sale on the website:

1. User-friendly:

user friendly

Your E-Commerce website must be user-friendly. Most people abandon their shopping only because the interface is too difficult for them to understand. Your shoppers must be able to purchase what they want faster without having to go through a very complicated process. You must give a lot of importance to user-experience. This can be done by segregating the products into various categories. You may also add comparison capabilities and filters to your website. This will ensure that your users have a very good experience browsing through the products on your website.

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2. Good quality videos and photographs:

good quality

What attracts shoppers the most is good quality photographs and videos. So, you must include proper photographs at desired locations of your website. Each product must come with a product image. You should hire a professional photographer who would click clear pictures of all the products that you are going to sell on your web site. E-commerce websites should also display more than one product image for each of the products. The photos should also be optimised for both desktop and mobile devices so that they do not take a lot of time to load.

3. Mobile-friendly:

Must-have Features of an e-commerce website

Most online transactions are done by means of mobile devices. So, your website must perform well on smartphones and tablets as well. You must choose a theme which is highly responsive and adjusts itself according to the size of the device. Your users must have an amazing browsing experience even when they are using a mobile device. The mobile site should also be optimised to give your users a better experience. 

4. Post reviews:

Your shoppers must be able to post reviews on your website. About 95% of the customers check for reviews before purchasing a particular product. However, your reviews should be honest. It should have both positive as well as negative feedback. Only then will people find your products genuine. Only posting positive reviews might make your shoppers believe that the reviews are fake. Different types of plugins are available for E-commerce websites which will allow the users to post their reviews.

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5. Wishlist:

Add a wishlist to your website. This will give your users the opportunity to save a product so that they can purchase it later. Research has shown that wishlist has helped in increasing the overall purchase rate of your E-Commerce website. You may send regular emails to your customer informing them about the items that they have added on their wishlist. You may also offer special discounts on the wishlist items. This will encourage your customers to purchase more products from your store. They will also keep coming back to your website for more products.

6. Offers and discounts:

You must offer special discounts to your customers every now and then. Make your users aware of this kind of sale through newsletters, email list and social media platforms. This will definitely help you to increase the sale on your website. As soon as the shoppers realise that there is a sale going on, they will feel motivated and they will also spend more time on your website. Also, you must promote your products in a unique way. This will help to drive sales and will also improve the SEO ranking of your website.

7. Frequently Asked Questions:

The FAQ section is also an important part of your E-Commerce store. It will allow users to look for solutions to the queries that they have been facing. The questions should be related. It shouldn’t be something useless you must also provide to the point answers to the FAQs. You may take the help of experts to design the FAQ section for you. Most people need proper authentication before purchasing a product. The FAQ section should be able to give them a complete idea regarding the product. This plays a major role in building the confidence of the users.

8. Security features:

Online transactions have become an extremely important part of our lives. However, this feature has various drawbacks as well. E-Commerce sites have become the major targets for cybercriminals. So, you need to protect the information of your customers and ensure that all transactions can be carried out in a safe way. For that, you must include certain security features on your E-Commerce website. Such security features include two-factor authentication and SSL certificate. You might also use a Firewall to protect your website from unauthorised access.

9. Advanced payment options:

Your customers should be able to make their payments through multiple payment options/ There are various popular payment options available. You must make it a point to implement each of these on your E-commerce website. Your customers should be able to make their payments through credit cards, debit cards, UPI or direct bank transfer. Also, make sure that the checkout process is an easy one. This will help you to create a sense of transparency in the minds of your users.

10. Return policy:


The return policy is also a very essential feature of an ecommerce website. The return policy should be made visible on a proper location on your website. It should be illustrated and well-written. The return policy helps to create the trust of your customers. It assures them that even if they are unhappy with the product, they will be able to return it without any kind of inconvenience. 

So, these are some of the most important features that you must add to your website. Apart from all these, you must also provide your website on popular platforms so that it falls to the notice of the customers.

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