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The demand for the Best Customer Communication Platform is increasing with time. Therefore, people prefer to use cloud communication platforms. There are several messages applications are available online.

However, it becomes difficult to choose the best one according to your requirement. Some companies are facing issues establishing proper communication with the customers. It causes them 60% of loss in their business monthly.

Communication is essential for every business to ensure its growth and development. Fast-growing companies are looking for the proper communication platforms to connect with customers and clients to grow their business easily.

A communication platform is a software solution that can facilitate internal and external messaging. It utilizes different communication channels such as phone calls, video conferencing, external and internal messaging.

New platforms are available for messaging to ensure the customers’ functionality. Companies are using the communication channel to connect with the employees and discuss with them about the work.


Customer Communication Platform & its types

There are five types of communication platforms. It comes with distinct benefits. You can use these communication platforms according to your requirements.

1. Internal Communication:

Internal Communication platforms are beneficial to establish real-time conversations with the employees, supervisors, and authorized partners associated with the companies. These channels include VoIP calls, text messaging, and group chats. Internal communication platforms are secure and reliable in the industries such as healthcare, professional services providers, and complaint department.

2. Customer Communication:

Customers can use the tools such as Zendesk, Zoho Desk, and Help Scout to communicate with the companies to share their queries with them. These customer communication platforms work using artificial intelligence. Furthermore, the types such tools can help businesses scale their growth and connect with customers to solve their doubts quickly.

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3. Project Management:

The project management tool is important for you to do project management while handling the deadlines of multiple projects at one time. The project management software is beneficial to prioritize the workflow and keep all the important things on track. Additionally, the functions of the software include launches of products, marketing campaigns, sale efforts, vendor management, and many more things. The tools effective for the project management work include, Asana, and Basecamp.

4. Collaboration tools:

Collaboration platforms enable the working people to share the same work or project with the team at once. The category includes virtual whiteboards and screen sharing. Team members can connect effectively to share their ideas by organizing the meetings. Still, the companies face the issue of managing the access while using the collaboration tools. On the other hand, collaboration tools examples are Trello, Cloud App, and Google Drive.

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5. Video Conferencing:

Video Conferencing is a substitute for client meetings. It is the right tool to make the video calls for the meetings, workshops, events, and online sessions. You can connect your team and present the demos or host the webinars using it. The video conferencing platforms are offering more than live video sessions. Moderate meetings can happen using the tool. Examples of such tools are Zoom, Skype, and Google hangouts. It includes the best customer communication platform that the customers can use to connect with the companies in case of any queries. These platforms work on artificial intelligence.

List of Best Customer Communication Platforms

We have covered the best online platforms by which customers can connect in case of any queries with some departments of the companies. Here are the best customers’ communication platform lists.

1. Zoom

Zoom- Customer Communication Platform
Customer Communication Platform

Zoom is a popular video conferencing and online meeting platform. Participants can join the meetings using the links, which are available there. They can get into the meeting using any device, including the dialing numbers, by using their mobile phones. On the other hand, the administrators can do the meeting recording for the integration and the third-party services. Hosts can arrange real party meetings to connect with the customers can solve their queries.

2. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams
Customer Communication Platform

Microsoft Team is a collaboration application of Microsoft. Use the application to make the chats and calls for collaboration purposes in one place accordingly. You can start with the group chat and calls using the Microsoft teams software.

3. Trello- Customer Communication Platform

Trello- Customer Communication Platform
Customer Communication Platform

Trello is an online platform that provides you to do task management accordingly. It contains the boards, and you can prepare the tasks on them. The cards present on the boards contain the information and images related to the work. You can present them to your team members while assigning work to them accordingly in the company.

4. Google Drive

Google Drive

Google Drive is among the different types of cloud storage solutions. It provides you the access to check and edit your files anytime you want to do it. You can store videos, logos, and documents using it.

5. Google Docs

Google Docs- Customer Communication Platform
Customer Communication Platform

The cloud-based document editor is known as Google Docs. It allows you to copy and paste your document and start with the editing work accordingly. Then, the files are able in Google Drive, which you can share with your team members and clients when you need them to do so. You can start with document editing simultaneously to check the requirement of it.

6. Dropbox

Dropbox- Customer Communication Platform
Customer Communication Platform

Dropbox is a storage collection platform available on the cloud. You are handling multiple projects, then; you can create the file backups using it. Additionally, the collaboration feature is available, making it easy to share the files with your group members. Dropbox offers the feature to store the file. Some higher plans are available that provide password protection, brand sharing, insights, and viewer history. You can use Dropbox on android, windows, and Mac platforms online.

7. Loom- Customer Communication Platform

Loom- Customer Communication
Customer Communication Platform

Loom is a type of video sharing tool that does screen recording. Therefore, it is among the unique screen-sharing platforms which are available online. You can connect with the team members and share your screen with them using the Loom application. You can sort your loom videos by using the application and then share them with the clients and the team members. It becomes easy for you to establish effective communication using the software. There are premium plans available in it that provide extensive storage for you.


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