How to Choose Right WooCommerce Extensions for Your Store

WordPress allows you to create any type of website and also lets you set up an online store using its best plugin, WooCommerce. WooCommerce is the best platform to create an online store. It’s free, and it also offers a variety of extensions that allow you to add functionality. The total download history for WooCommerce extensions at the moment is 136.722,243, and it is increasing with every passing day.

The foundation of your store is built on WooCommerce extensions. The right extension will increase productivity and build trust in customers. WooCommerce has over 4 million active installations and is a reliable platform to add shopping functionality to WordPress sites.

There are many plugins available, making it difficult to choose the right one for you. You will have a much easier time selecting the right plugin for your store. Additionally, you can reduce any risk associated with installing new extensions by purchasing them from trusted sources such as MakeWebBetter.

Also, be aware of potential conflicts and evaluate them on a live site.

It is important to choose a trusted source. You should look at the summary and version of the plugin. Track the download count. Consider the page speed, price, documentation, and the WooCommerce extension. These are important factors that will ensure your store matches the most suitable plugin. This will ensure the best possible results and increase website traffic.

Points to Remember While Choosing WooCommerce Extensions


  • Understanding the purpose of your website is important. It is important to understand the purpose of your online store and what it wants to offer its customers. Then, choose the right WooCommerce plugins.
  • To determine if you can purchase WooCommerce plug-ins and add additional functionality, prepare a budget. Consider the amount you are willing to spend on a purchase and make a decision. You will be able to follow your plans. This will allow you to keep things moving in the right direction.
  • You should consider removing a plugin that places additional demands on customer service, logistics, and overall business management. It can reduce your sales, make the checkout process more complicated, or slow down your website, which is clearly a sign that your business is losing value.

These are some tips and strategies to help you make the right decision when selecting a WooCommerce plug-in.

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Tips to Choose the Right WooCommerce Extensions

1. Reliable Sources

This blog will inform store owners about the importance to choose a reliable source. Numerous sites offer premium plugins for free, but these versions are often outdated.

These nulled versions can be tempting to try to avoid paying the license fees and get a better idea of the plugin’s capabilities. Premium WordPress themes or plugins that have been hacked or modified code that is designed to harm or collect information. These are usually obtained from a third-party website and work without the need for a license key.

This could be detrimental to your website over the long term. A return policy for plugins is a good indicator that the author is genuine. You can request a refund if a plugin does not work for you.

2. Summary of the Plugin

Reading about plugins can be a great way to learn more about them and help you get the job done. Simple plugins don’t need to be updated every so often. Complex plugins that interact with other areas of the site should be updated frequently.

Reviewing plugins from customers is a good way to determine the plugin’s quality. There might be reviews complaining that the plugin does not work with other plugins or themes. There are many reasons these problems may occur. This could be due to an outdated PHP version, server issues, poorly coded themes, or caching features.

It’s not always the case that plugins with high reviews will be a good fit for your store. It’s possible that a plugin is not compatible with your site or it’s low-quality. Another thing to pay attention to is whether the originator has been in this industry for a long time or just a few months.

Inexperienced developers may sell plugins that are not compatible with your site. This is likely because they didn’t have the resources or time to update their plugins. It’s best to work with experienced developers. MakeWebBetter is one of the most reliable websites for providing updated, high-quality plugins.

3. Ratings and Reviews

Ratings and Reviews

Each plugin has a rating from 1 to 5, which can give you an idea of the plugin’s quality. Although it’s not something that you can rely on, it can give you an indication of the plugin’s quality. While it is recommended to choose plugins with ratings above 4 or higher, you should still be careful.

According to Bright Local’s study, 93% of online reviews are read before buying. 91% of 18-34 year-olds trust online reviews just as much as they trust a friend’s recommendation.

You can check out the reviews page of the vendor to see if the plugin meets your expectations. You can learn a lot from the reviews and feedback left by previous customers about their experience with the plugin. Also, learn about the most common issues that customers face when using a particular extension.

4. Version

An obsolete plugin can cause your store to be devoid of the latest updates and transitions. This can lead to further efficiency problems. A plugin’s version number is an indicator of its current development status. Numbers ranging from 0.1.x up to 0.9.x are for those plugins that are currently in development. The first stable and complete versions of the software are referred to as 1.0, 2.0, or 3.0.


A plugin’s popularity and effectiveness are indicated by its large download count. Although popularity may be indicated by the number of downloaded plugins, it is important to keep track of their status. You can check the stats of the plugin to see the most recent trends.

A plugin, for example, has 40,000 total downloads but is currently not being downloaded. While a plugin has 40,000 total downloads, the daily downloads are much greater than the previous one.

6. Page Speed Insights

It is crucial to optimize the loading speed of your website. This is connected to the plugin you select. According to some reports, if your website takes longer than six seconds to load it loses around 25% of its traffic. Because most internet users are impatient with slow websites, your website will experience a higher bounce rate. If your website takes forever to load, it will have a poor appearance.

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Site speed is an important factor in site optimization and ranking. Some applications can measure the speed of a website’s loading. These applications can also give insight into all the issues that need to correct to make your website load as quickly as possible. Page Speed Insights from Google is one such tool to measure page speed.

7. Compatibility with WordPress

It is important to ensure that the plugin works with WordPress. You should update the plugins regularly to ensure it is compatible with WordPress as WordPress releases new versions.

8. Price vs Priceless

WooCommerce is an open-source platform for free that offers both paid and unpaid plugins. These plugins offer a great set of features as well as a strong support team. While a paid plugin may not always be better, it will bring more reliability to the site. A paid plugin can cost between 30-100$. After the initial cost, major updates should be paid.

A support team is available to help users with any issues and keep the plugin current. This saves time and helps users to save time.

9. Documentation


It is important to read the documentation before you purchase a plugin. It’s best to avoid purchasing a plugin if the documentation is unclear. Even if the documentation is clear, it is important to ensure that the developer provides good support. This is an example of MakeWebBetter’s ability to explain every plugin in detail and ease the customer’s burden.

Documentation can be provided in either a forum or ticket-based system. If you are using a support forum, check how many posts were made, how recently they were, and how many are marked as ‘cleared.

You should read the FAQ of any ticket-based system being used by the author to track their response times. If it’s a premium plugin, they might respond within 24-48 hours. For free ones, it might take longer. You might consider using the plugin again if multiple requests have not been answered.

10. Customer Base

You can’t judge the quality of something just by its popularity. Plugins are different. Plugins are more popular if there is a larger user base. This doesn’t mean you have to ignore all new plugins. There is a good chance that certain plugins are only useful for certain websites. Your site might be the best one. It’s better to choose plugins that have been tested and proven useful.

11. Design of the WooCommerce Extension

It is a mistake to focus on the design and only look at the WooCommerce extensions that are most striking. While the design is important, the functionality and user-friendliness of the plugin should be more important than its appearance. Your ideal website should have all the features your visitors need without them having to wait for pages to load. The plugin’s functionality should be the main focus, not the plugin’s aesthetics which can be modified later.

Conclusion on WooCommerce extensions


WooCommerce allows you to create virtually any online store. This is what I know. All of the above will ensure that your online store is compatible with WooCommerce plugins and meets all requirements. This will make online selling easier and make your online shop a place customers love to shop.

I hope that the information I have created through this blog will assist you in making the right decision about buying WooCommerce extensions. Let us know if you have any questions about finding the right WooCommerce extension. We welcome any suggestions and comments.

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