How to check abandoned carts in WooCommerce?

Generally, when a consumer adds a product to their cart, a transaction is initiated. People seldom leave their shopping carts in physical stores. However, the rate of shopping cart abandonment is very high when it comes to online shopping. In physical stores, you get to pick whatever you want to buy, but you can put products in your cart in online stores but choose to either purchase or abandon them. A variety of factors play a role in why people leave shopping carts without making a purchase. According to a Business Insider report, shipping prices, slow checkout, login/account formation requirements, and a lack of payment options are just a few of the contributing factors. For WooCommerce stores, abandoned carts are a significant concern. Cart abandonment rates are estimated to be 69.75 percent based on accurate data. This can cause panic to the retailers, but technically speaking, there is nothing to get alarmed instead, you need to figure out a solution. 

There lies a way out of this significant issue. Firstly, you need to address the issue and make do with the result. Because there can be several reasons for carb abandonment, and without knowing the reason, you cannot search for the results. Statistics have already revealed some of the reasons why carts are discarded, allowing us to figure out what areas we need to focus on to find a solution.  

How to check abandoned carts in WooCommerce?


Abandoned carts are those that have items in them but have not been purchased. Cart abandonment is inevitable, and engaging with your customers about it will open up new opportunities for cart recovery. So, you can decide to send them emails or specifically reminder emails.

  • Discounts, free delivery, gifts, add-ons, and coupons are all possibilities.
  • The issue with the website or the payment gateway.
  • Payment gateways have so many measures leading up to the checkout.
  • Payments are a pain, and data protection is a problem.
  • Thinking of buying later 
  • looking for similar products
  • wouldn’t want to miss out on that product
  • saving it for later

Recovery Process of Abandoned Cart

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The recovery process of Abandoned Cart involves

  1. Identifying the problem of cart abandonment.
  2. Examining the leading causes of the problem.
  3. Taking the requisite steps to address the reasons for the same.
  4. Utilizing existing technologies, such as abandoned cart recovery plugins.
  5. The cart recovery process will be automated.

Before moving onto the recovery process, you need first to choose an Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugin.

Process of choosing this Recovery Plugin

  1. Check to see if the specifications are met.
  2. Check for good customer service and price transparency.
  3. Choose one that is lightweight.
  4. Most importantly, the one that makes it simple for you to get started and work.
  5. All-inclusive features for successful marketing campaigns
  6. The one that allows you to customize it and lets you figure out what works best for you.

Process of Recovery of Abandoned Cart

Abandoned Cart

  1. To start the process of Recovery of Abandoned Cart follows the below-mentioned steps:
  2. Firstly, log in to WordPress and browse the dashboard for the “Retainful” plugin. Install and then activate the plugin. Retain abandoned cart recovery plugin can also be downloaded manually.
  3. To get started, finish the installation process.
  4. Create an account with Retainful and access your dashboard.
  5. Fill in the plugin’s settings with your unique APP ID.
  6. Select your WooCommerce store’s abandoned cart settings from the settings tab.
  7. To configure your mailing alias, go to the “Email Templates” tab in your plugin dashboard, before sending WooCommerce abandoned cart emails automatically, set up the default mailing address.
  8. Enable email series automation to send automated emails to customers who abandon their cart. You can also edit and use the available pre-designed templates.
  9. Choose the most appropriate email templates from the gallery of pre-designed templates and begin customizing them. Using the drag and drop email creator, add dynamic shortcodes and make other significant customization changes.
  10. By going to the “Next Order Coupon” Tab in the plugin settings, you can now configure Next Order Coupon Emails. You may also try sending a test mail as well. 
  11. To monitor the success of your recovery process, go to the “Abandoned/Recovered Carts” tab and compare the amount recovered after each conversion.

Before and after using add-ons with parameters, you can score the recovery output of emails.

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Regardless of which eCommerce domain it is, the average rate of cart abandonment is high. As a result, given the potential revenue yield, we must recover WooCommerce abandoned carts.

With its optimized architecture, Retainful aids in the recovery of WooCommerce abandoned carts. Reports can be used to monitor performance and score your abandoned cart recovery operation. Following the above process, you can recover the abandoned cart. 

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