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How To Build A Medical Supply Store With WordPress

Building an online medical supply store isn’t just profitable from a business standpoint. It also helps those in need, whom you might know! There are numerous remote areas in the world where there is a lack of medical equipment and medical supplies. A platform online for medical equipment can fill the gap.

To start your medical supply shop, you should be aware of the steps to open an online Medical Supply Store.

Beginning and developing an online company can be very challenging. You must choose the right niche that is secure and profitable while at the same time. For that reason, a medical field is a good option. To prove this, here are some figures,

  • Based on a study the market for medical supplies is projected to grow to $132 billion in 2022 market share.
  • Within the United States, the healthcare sector is worth $3 trillion as market share. In contrast, China, as well as Japan, are on the list with $574 billion and $469 billion respectively.
  • The rate of growth is impressive too. From 2019 to 2021 this sector will see a growth in the range in the range of 6.8%.

If we look at the general economic conditions there is always a demand for medical equipment created by treatment and hospitals. After looking over the facts and figures, when you’re considering creating an online marketplace for medical supplies then you’re at the right spot.

We will provide a step-by-step guide for creating an online medical supply store using WordPress. Take a pen and paper and begin making notes. We’ll start with,

The Benefits of Having an Online Medical Supply Store

Rapid growth and massive business opportunities are the main reason for the build an online store for medical supplies. While this is a major draw, however, it’s not the only benefit. There are additional benefits to operating an online business for medical supplies. Examples include,

1. Contact Customers in Remote Places

We mentioned this at the starting of this article. When you create an online marketplace for medical supplies it is a way to consolidate various distributors and retailers in one location. This way, you can contact new clients and provide equipment to the most remote locations.

2. More Competition

In comparison with other traditional markets, only a handful of suppliers of medical supplies are online. This means that there’s an enormous opportunity for you to grab.

3. 24/7 Sales Opportunity

A store online with access to 24/7 service can provide customers at any moment. A key aspect of medicine.

4. Data-Driven Business

In contrast to physical stores, the online stores for medical supplies can access data analytics and consumer insight. They can benefit from that, and offer better customer service.

5. SEO and easy marketing

In the case of an online marketplace, there are a variety of affordable online tools that allow you to perform SEO as well as marketing to establish a presence. In contrast to physical stores, that requires spending money on advertisements, flyers, newsletters as well as other marketing materials.

6. Moderate Operational Cost

Last but not least managing an online store for medical supplies is cheaper than running a physical store. Thus, the total costs will be lower.

It’s enough about the advantages of the idea of launching an online medical supplies store. Let’s now move to the next step of learning how to set up an online shop for medical equipment. Before that, let’s take one step back and then,

Understanding the fundamental aspects of starting the business of a Medical Supply Store


You’re now beginning to realize that launching an online store for medical supplies can be a lucrative business opportunity. But, to utilize this opportunity to its fullest, it is essential to know the fundamentals of opening an online store such as this. The most important steps are,

  • Choose the commercial model you can or create a single web store, while also managing the warehouse, inventory, and supplies yourself, or set up an online marketplace and invite retailers/vendors to sell.
  • Select the Features You’d Like to Add Choose in advance what features you’d like to put in your marketplace.
  • Otherwise, it’s unproductive to add features after you have launched the marketplace.
  • Choose the platform There are numerous platforms you can pick from to begin your online store. If you’re looking to begin quickly and easily, WordPress is the best choice for you.
  • Develop a Marketing Strategy It is essential for any online store. You require a solid plan for marketing for success in your business.
  • When you adhere to these guidelines, you’ll have no issues when you create your medical supply store. So, let’s move on with the step-by-step guide of how to set up an online medical supply store.

How to build an Online Medical Supply Store with Dokan

Multivendor Marketplace Theme Dokan

The process of building an eCommerce store with WooCommerce is a breeze. It is possible to have all the essential functions for absolutely nothing when you’re using WooCommerce.

If you’re looking to transform your online store into a multivendor market with advanced functions then you should consider Dokan, the most powerful multivendor marketplace plug-in. It is necessary to spend just a few dollars and in 30 minutes to an hour, you’ll be operating a multivendor marketplace.

Today, we will demonstrate how to build an online store for medical supplies using WooCommerce & Dokan.

Pre Requisites


Before you begin, you must install these plugins and theme on your WordPress website,

  • WooCommerce (Latest version)
  • Dokan (Latest version)
  • Theme: Reign Theme

Dokan + WooCommerce General Settings

Dokan Settings

Once you’ve got all the components to build your multi-vendor market, you’ll need to set up all your basic settings for WooCommerce as well as Dokan for you to begin. Create withdrawal options and configure your selling choices, and organize all the web pages, dashboard my orders, store list, terms and condition page, Store appearance, email social verifications, etc.

These settings will allow you to manage your marketplace efficiently and help you manage your business more efficiently as time goes by. This is why you must make a few adjustments to these basic settings before adding advanced functions. It’s been a while since I mentioned it, but Dokan has added a Delivery Status feature. Both vendors and customers can track their purchases and see exactly where their items are.

Allow the necessary modules for Your Marketplace

Dokan provides the most amazing modules that will aid you in taking your market to a higher level. It is essential to activate certain modules to enhance your market’s appeal. Here’s a list of modules.

1. Product Addon

Product Addon

Usually, when a customer purchases medical equipment such as a syringe, they will purchase other products as well. The module for product add-ons allows you to invoice your users for these additional items on their own.

This module can make your online marketplace more exclusive and sophisticated.

2. Live Search

Live Search



If you are dealing with a limited amount of vendors offering many items, it can be difficult for customers to locate the medical equipment they require. This is why you require live search options. Live search predicts what search terms users are using while typing and assists users find relevant content quickly.

Dokan comes with a live search function that can do exactly that. It transforms your normal search bar into a quick search engine that allows you to easily search for items.

3. Product Enquiry

Product Enquiry

A purchase of a product in the field of health is a delicate matter. Most of the time, patients are unsure whether to purchase the item or if the product meets their needs.

Utilizing the product enquiry module users can reach out to sellers about the product via the product’s page using this module. Customers or visitors can send an email to the vendor to ask questions.

4. Live Chat

Live Chat

Chat is an essential element of any eCommerce store. If a customer is faced with a problem or enquiry they can utilize live chat to talk directly with the support or vendor staff and resolve it right away.

Dokan offers the ability to integrate 4 Live chat integrations,

  • Facebook
  • WhatsApp
  • TalkJs.

You can modify any of the options mentioned above and put them on your marketplace.

5. Return and Warranty Request

A strong warranty and return policy are essential, particularly when it comes to online marketplaces. Offering a simple return policy can earn the trust of your customers effortlessly. While offering a product warranty is a way to guarantee the product that you sell through your online marketplace. Both are looking promising.

Dokan Refund and Warranties Request Module lets you allow sellers to provide custom return and warranty service of their merchandise sold to their customers.

6. Store Support

Store Support

This store support module for support in stores can assist customers to create tickets for their questions and concerns. This will allow you to sort all issues related to your store and market. You can then take action in the right direction.

7. Vendor Analytics

Vendor Analytics

This module can be a huge help for vendors. Similar to Google Analytics, this module will provide all the data such as page visits, keywords, users on the dashboard of the vendor.

Therefore, sellers can make use of these statistics to increase their reach and improve their conversion rates.

8. Seller Verification

Seller Verification

If you do not have a strong verification system and you don’t have a solid verification process, there’s the possibility that fraud vendors will sign up to your marketplace and destroy the reputation of your marketplace.

The Dokan seller verification module will assist you in creating the process of authenticating your sellers through the social media profiles of their sellers, emails identification, phone numbers, and many more. Your marketplace will remain authentic by using genuine sellers and avoid fraud.

9. Delivery Time

Delivery Time

Let your customers pick the delivery date and time for themselves. With the latest Delivery time feature customers are now able to select their delivery date and time. This will lower the cost of delivery and will also decrease the number of deliveries that are made every month.

10. PayPal Marketplace

PayPal Marketplace

Apart from the payment methods that are default, Dokan users can now make use of PayPal to manage their payments. This payment system will ensure that your transaction is easy.

It is easy to handle the process of refunds as well. It is the most recent version of the impressive Dokan collection of Dokan modules. This is why these are the tools you require to create your marketplace with the essential and advanced functions.

Invite Vendors to Signup On Your Marketplace

Invite Vendors to Signup On Your Marketplace

Once your marketplace is set and you need to invite vendors to sign up and start selling in your online marketplace. It is necessary to enable the “Anyone can sign up” option in WordPress Administrator > General Settings. It will then provide the default registration form to allow sellers to sign up.

You can also design your custom application form to simplify the registration process and be attractive to sellers.

Setup Your Store

Setup Your Own Store

Earn money from the commissions you receive from the sellers. You can also start your shop and earn cash too. Make an image to your store, give it an address, allow selling, and upload your products. Then you’re good to start.

This is how you can quickly create and launch an online medical supply marketplace multi-vendor by combining WooCommerce and Dokan in just 30 minutes to one hour.

Best WooCommerce Themes to Create Medical Supply Store

We made use of Dokan as our Dokan theme to build an online marketplace with multiple vendors. Dokan is a no-cost custom theme designed specifically for Dokan. It works with both Dokan along with WooCommerce. It also combines all the functions that are available in Dokan along with WooCommerce and organizes them flawlessly. We have BuddyX and Reign themes also to build multivendor marketplace.



A multivendor marketplace will not only help you make money but also assists many others to discover their niches. They will have an opportunity to display their goods and sell their products. An online marketplace for medical supplies can go a long way. These products are in constant demand and if you go about it correctly, there’s an excellent chance for you to purchase these.

You now have the knowledge to begin your medical supply shop. If you’ve read this entire article from beginning to end, then establishing your medical supply store will be a piece of cake.

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