7 Most effective WordPress Push Notification Plugins 2022

Are you looking for the most effective WordPress push notification plugin for your website?

Push notifications are a great way to keep in touch with visitors even after they leave your site. You may target your customers and get them to engage with your product or service in several ways.

Here are some Best WordPress Push Notification Plugins

WordPress Push Notification Plugins can help you get the most out of your current and potential customers. Your website’s traffic and sales will increase as a result.

1. PushEngage


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The most significant push notification software in PushEngage. When visitors leave your site, you may send them personalized push notifications to keep them engaged.

It’s up to you whether you want it to notify you of new blog posts automatically or if you prefer to compose your messages. It’s simple to set up and works well for novices and experts. They support all devices and browsers, and they function on HTTP as well as HTTP-enabled web pages.

If you’re a marketer, you’ll appreciate PushEngage’s sophisticated features like A/B testing, drip campaigns, intelligent opt-in reminders, and more.

You may use their triggered campaign tool to create abandoned cart notifications, schedule messages, and send price drop alerts, among other things.

PushEngage’s dynamic segmentation allows you to send more personalized messages based on the activities of your customers. Adding things to the shopping cart, making a purchase, or looking at a specific page are examples of segmenting visitors. As a result, you gain increased visitors and purchases due to this level of personalization.

In addition to their effective pop-ups, they also have a clever resubscribe option that aids in user reengagement and retention. Their push notification platform is ideal for helping bloggers, entrepreneurs, and e-commerce websites increase user engagement and conversion rates.

Price: To get 1,000 subscribers and unlimited notifications, PushEngage costs $9/month. In addition, there is a free plan with a maximum of 500 subscribers per month and 30 campaigns.

2. OneSignal


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OneSignal is a well-known system for sending out push notifications. It shares many of the same functions as PushEngage. This tool creates automated notifications, announcements, abandoned-shopping-cart alerts, and more. A simple push notification can appear after a predetermined number of page views or seconds. You don’t have to display the push promptly when a visitor comes to your website.

OneSignal allows you to send in-app messages, app push notifications, and emails in addition to push notifications. OneSignal, like PushEngage, provides A/B testing and valuable metrics. Segmenting your audience will help you better target your marketing efforts.

One of OneSignal’s main drawbacks is that it becomes more expensive as you add more features. In addition, it offers fewer choices for automation, personalization, and customization than PushEngage. As an alternative, they have app messaging and mobile push notifications for the app creators.

Price: If you have 1,000 subscribers, you can get OneSignal’s Growth plan for $12 per month, including basic customization and critical features. Starting at $114 a month for 5,000 members, their professional package includes some of their most advanced features.

3. VWO Engage (PushCrew)

VWO Engage (PushCrew)

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One of VWO Engage’s features is sending web push notifications to desktop and mobile devices. Push notification campaigns with entry and exit triggers are built-in. For example, if a consumer clicks on a specific link, the campaign will begin automatically.

An automatic opt-out of the campaign can also be achieved by users taking specific actions, such as clicking the button or filling out an online form. All of this can be done with VWO Engage’s A/B testing feature. The tools and campaigns they have for segmentation and engagement, on the other hand, are minimal.

Price: Costs start at $99 per month for VWO Engage Unlimited notifications, and 10,000 subscribers are included in this plan. You can’t sign up for a free plan. You can, however, sign up for a free 30-day trial without providing a credit card.

4. iZooto


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In addition to real-time push notifications, iZooto provides scheduled notifications, recurring notifications, and a scheduler. Push alerts can be customized with iZooto. Segmentation can also be set up for more personalized communications. This app’s feature set includes A/B testing, Timezone-based notifications, and more.

A user can be prompted to press a button or scroll down to see your initial push notification. This can assist you in increasing the number of site visitors who sign up for push notification subscriptions, which is always a good thing. Your subscribers will be transferred to iZooto if you currently use a different push notification solution.

Price: iZooto costs $85/month, including unlimited notifications for up to 30,000 users. You can’t sign up for a free plan. For a 14-day free trial, however, you can sign up (no credit card required).

5. Webpushr


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Webpushr is an easy-to-use web notification system that works with virtually every major web browser on the market. It provides a variety of customizable prompt templates. Transferring subscribers from a different platform to Webpushr is a simple process. User segmentation, web push, and HTTP support are all included. Besides, it’s meant to work flawlessly with WordPress and WooCommerce.

Using Webpushr, you can have an unlimited number of subscribers and an unlimited number of members on your team. Additionally, it can display huge graphics, action buttons with emojis, and personalized branding. Unlike other push notification plugins, you get all the features of Webpushr on every plan. Their free plan is also included in this. Everything else is the same, except for the number of subscribers you have.

Price: Starting at $29 a month, Webpushr allows you to send limitless notifications to up to 50,000 subscribers. There’s even a no-cost option. Unlimited notifications and 10,000 subscribers are included in this plan.

6. PushAssist


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As a push notification tool, PushAssist may be used with Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers. Simple to set up, it works on desktop and mobile devices alike. It is possible to segment and personalize your audience, use scheduling tools and gain insight into your customers’ data with PushAssist.

You also have the opportunity to monetize your push traffic by allowing marketers to send out push alerts to your audience. This could help you make money online. You can use PushAssist with an HTTP or HTTP website. However, you cannot remove the PushAssist branding unless you’re utilizing the Business plan or higher.

Price: PushAssist is available for as little as $9 a month for as many as 3,500 users. There’s even a no-cost option. Up to 3,000 subscribers and unrestricted notifications are included in this subscription plan.

7. WonderPush


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WonderPush is similar to other WordPress notification plugins that send out push notifications. Automated notifications depending on behavior or time, can be sent, as well as real-time stats.

With WonderPush, you can generate a variety of different notification types. Automated abandoned cart alerts are one type of eCommerce push notification. It doesn’t matter how much you’re paying; you receive all the features. Unlimited staff members, unlimited notifications, A/B testing, personalization, and more are included in this package.

Price: The pricing structure of WonderPush is different from those of the other tools. It costs €1 per month for up to 1,000 subscribers, then €1 for each additional 1,000 subscribers. It doesn’t have a free plan, but you can try it out for 14 days. There’s no need for a credit card for this.


Those are the best WordPress push notification plugins you’ve seen. Now you can pick the one that best suits your website’s needs. If you want to increase conversions and receive more leads, these plugins are worth trying! Try them out.

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